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Fort Lauderdale Motel - Finding A Nice Fort Lauderdale Motel

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Say the tantalizing place name Fort Lauderdale, Florida and dozens of mental images are immediately conjured up, from rowdy and drunk partying spring breaker vacationers to miles of white sand beaches basking in the golden sun, to the thrills and charm of Las Olas Boulevard. Fort Lauderdale is justifiably famed for its amazing dining choices, one of a kind and not to be forgotten Shops of Las Olas Boulevard, and fun in the constant sun activities in abundance. Boasting a sensuous combination of warm water, stunning beaches, glitzy boating, fishing opportunities, and a vast diversity the whole year through, the city remains among the most desirable vacation spots in North America. The attractions are many and varied, from the lavish and opulent display of wealth along the New River and ocean front to the Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant and Dinner Show, to the world famous Jungle Queen Riverboat Tours, to the IMAX Theater graced Museum of Discovery and Science. Among the greatest things about a person looking for a good Fort Lauderdale motel is that there truly is something for everyone in this exciting and vibrant city on the beach.

When the individual, couple, or family is seeking out Fort Lauderdale motels, they will need to keep several things in mind. First among these is that the ocean front city is not a wild mecca for the spring breaker set any longer. If this is the individual’s goal in coming here, then he or she should look further afield, say to Panama Beach in the Florida Panhandle, Daytona Beach in Central Florida, or still more likely to Cancun on Mexico’s shimmering Caribbean Riviera. Today’s Fort Lauderdale boasts a more sophisticated charm, with luxurious resorts, delightful cuisine, and a growing and thriving arts and culture scene which enhances the round the year outdoors’ activities that abound. Literally dozens of cruise ships call at the crowded Port Everglades port each and every day, and yet somehow still, Fort Lauderdale is not overrun as are the Florida Keys, not given to abandon and wild excess like Miami, nor severely overpriced like world renowned Palm Beach. All of this means that Fort Lauderdale is now much more suitable for families with smaller children than it is for the wild, solo or group partying types, who used to rule the beach and city streets in bygone days.

Secondly, the prospective vacationer seeking Fort Lauderdale motels will need to keep in mind that the era of inexpensive, and often downright cheap, motels here is largely a thing of the distant past. This has ceased to be the mom and pop hotel city and area. Broward County, of which Fort Lauderdale is the seat of government, has deepened and broadened its motel offerings in recent years to comprise of in excess of six hundred different motels, hotels, and resorts. An increasing number of these are now significantly higher end types of properties that command more than three hundred dollars per room a night. While it is true that the burgeoning batch of luxurious hotels is attracting the vast majority of the spotlight here, there are a few good and reasonably priced motel options left from which to choose. A good place to start searching for them is at Sherman’s Travel Deals. Not only affordable motels are covered, reviewed, and priced on this website, but there is also a small tour guide section for the city itself available here.

For those vacationers who insist on staying directly in Fort Lauderdale, there are currently more than eighty-five motels operating within the actual city limits. These include various amenities. Most, if not all of them have outdoor pools, many of which are over sized and heated for use in the winter, at the more upper scale properties. A number of them feature spas and fine dining choices within the property. Most of them have gift and souvenir shops, as well. A number of these more high end types of Fort Lauderdale motels cater to both business and pleasure seeking travelers, offering suites that balance the needs of both. A great number of them showcase such lovely elements as tropical landscaping and river front, Intra-coastal and island front, or even Atlantic Oceanfront views.

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