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Fort Worth Motels - The Most Popular Fort Worth Motels

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There is a popular saying that it’s impossible to do Orlando in a day. This statement is 100% accurate. It’s also the primary reason people choose to stay in Orlando for several days at a time, if not for several weeks at a time. What most people don’t realize is that there’s another city in the United States that offers so many attractions that it’s impossible to see it all in a short period of time. This city is Fort Worth, Texas. Since there are so many places to see in Fort Worth, it’s highly recommended that you stay for a longer period of time than usual. Keep in mind that it would be cheaper to have one long trip than two short ones due to travel expenses. And since it’s best to stay for 4-7 days when visiting Fort Worth, it would also be wise to save money on lodging. There are many Fort Worth hotels and motels to choose from, three of which will be covered here. If you really want to save money so you have more for activities, stay at a Fort Worth motel.

When it comes to Fort Worth motels, the best option is going to be the Super 8 Fort Worth. It’s located in North Fort Worth, at 5225 N. Beach Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76137. The phone number is 817-222-0892 and the fax number is 817-222-1910. One reason this is rated the top Fort Worth motel is because it’s located right off Highway 820, which provides easy access to all the major attractions. People stay at this popular Fort Worth motel for a variety of reasons. Businessmen stay here because of the close proximity to the convention center. Racing fans stay here because it’s so close to the Texas Motor Speedway. Families stay here because of all the family attractions nearby, including Wet n’ Wild, Hurricane Harbor, the Fort Worth Zoo, and the botanical gardens. Other popular attractions in the area are Texas Ball Park Stadium, Reunion Arena, the Galleria Mall, Sundance Square, the Stockyards, Carvan of Dreams, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Fort Worth Public Library, and Cowtown Coliseum. The restaurants nearest this motel are Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern, I-Hop, Jack in the Box, Luby’s Cafeteria, Scotty’s Deluxe Diner, and Texas Roadhouse.

Amenities at the Super 8 Fort Worth include high-speed internet access, free breakfast, a gym, an outdoor pool, and guest laundry. Rooms come with cable tv, a microwave, refrigerator, hair dryer, and handicapped accessibility.

Another popular Fort Worth motel is the Motel 6 Ft. Worth East. As the name indicates, this motel is located in East Fort Worth. The address is 1236 Oakland Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76103. The phone number is 817-834-7361 and the fax number is 817-834-1573. Every room at this motel comes with a 32-inch LCD tv. Another great feature is the bathrooms have granite countertops and raised vessel sinks. There is also an outdoor pool. Motel 6 takes pride in offering the lowest rates of any national chain. This is no different at the Motel 6 Fort Worth East. However, there are a couple of potential negatives for this motel. One is that WiFi service costs $2.99 for every 24 hours. The other potential negative is debatable. One reviewer stated seeing several small cockroaches on the bathroom floor at night. This might be accurate, but it’s important to note that he was the only reviewer of dozens who stated seeing something like this.

If neither of the above motels in Fort Worth seem like a good fit for you, perhaps you should consider moving up a notch to the Country Inn & Suites. This is the cheapest hotel you will find in Fort Worth, so your cost will still be relatively cheap. What you will gain is quality. The Fort Worth Country Inn & Suites is located at 2200 Mercado Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76106. The phone number is 817-831-9200 and the fax number is 817-838-7567. All rooms at this Country Inn & Suites have recently been renovated. You will also have access to 36 acres of hotel property as well as views of the Trinity River. There is a gorgeous pool and hot tub and a fitness center. High-speed internet access is available and pets are welcome.

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