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Boston Rental Property - The Keys To Finding A Great Boston Rental Property

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Boston is famous for many things, including the Boston Celtics, the Boston Red Sox, Quincy Market, and Newbury Street. However, the most common reason someone will look for a rental property in Boston is because they’re attending school there. Boston is by far the biggest college town in the United States. There is a business atmosphere as well, but once you’re outside the business district, it’s a predominantly school-aged crowd. This doesn’t just refer to undergrad students. There is also a large population of postgraduate students. And, of course, many of these students end up finding work and living in the Boston area.

The key to finding the right rental property in Boston is finding a match. Boston is not like many other cities where there’s simply a good area and a bad area. Outside of Roxbury, most of Boston is safe. The right place to live will depend on where you are in life in regards to age and interests.

If you’re a freshman and ready to attend college for the first time, the key is to make sure you look for rentals along the Green T. The letter ‘T’ stands for trolley. All the areas you will find along the Green T line will be excellent. When you hit Commonwealth Avenue, you will notice Boston University’s campus. Boston University is so large and wealthy that they have bought up most of the rental property in this area for dorm space. However, if you walk a few blocks, you will be able to find some great and affordable rental properties. What makes these rental properties great is that they’re in quiet neighborhoods yet very close to the action. Not only are these apartments close to Boston University, but they’re also within walking distance to Fenway Park, Newbury Street, and Copley Square. Fenway Park is where the Red Sox play. It’s also one of the oldest parks in Major League Baseball. Another thing most people don’t know abut Fenway Park is that it’s located on Lansdowne Street, which is the biggest party atmosphere you will find in Boston. Clubs and bars are lined up along Lansdowne Street, making it the perfect bar-hopping location. Copley Square is also nearby, but offers a much different vibe. The bars and clubs in this area are for those with more eclectic tastes. You will find a jazz bar, a hard rock bar, a rave club, and more. This area is also a lot less crowded.

If you continue along the Green T and past the Boston University campus, you will eventually reach the Boston College area. This area is much quieter, offers more nature in the way of parks and ponds, and is a very popular location for recent graduates. As far as Boston rental properties go, you will also find the best values in this area. That’s not to say these apartments will be cheap, but you will be getting a lot for your money.

If you’re through with the college scene or you’re a professional looking to move to Boston and want to live in a suburb-like area, there is no better place to look than Cambridge. It’s amazing how the vibe of the city changes once you cross the Charles River. The attitude in Cambridge is ‘it’s time to grow up.’ Many people who once lived in the heart of the city end up starting families in Cambridge. There are more brownstones in this area than any other area in the country. However, if you’d like to rent an apartment in Cambridge prior to buying, this is also possible. Just expect to pay a premium when compared to apartments on the city side of the Charles.

For those who like shopping, you will be thrilled with Boston. The quaint atmosphere of Quincy Market and the old charm of Newbury Street are sure to please. Newbury Street, which is 8 blocks of unique stores, upscale restaurants, and a blend of creative architecture, is also a great place to rent in Boston. However, the prices here will be expensive.

As you can see, most rental properties in Boston will be pricey. If you’re looking for affordable prices and want great value, look at the rental properties along the Green T. These apartments will be much cheaper than the average average rental price for Boston, which is $1968 per month for one bedroom and $2224 for two bedrooms. Don’t let these prices scare you. These might be expensive averages compared to most cities, but unlike many other cities, there are still great deals to be found. For example, it’s possible to find a one-bedroom apartment in Cambridge for only $725 and a two-bedroom for only $1400. The key to finding an apartment in Boston is continuing your search until you find the deal you want. Always keep in mind that these deals are out there.

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