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Phaser 8200 Ink - Phaser 8200 Ink: A Lesson in Solid Ink

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The Xerox Phaser 8200 is a common copy and printing machine used in countless business offices worldwide. This type of copy machine requires a special type of ink especially made for the Phaser 8200. The Phaser 8200 ink is the an older from of green ink technology that was first manufactured in 1991 by Xerox and called “solid ink.”

Ink Forms
The Phaser 8200 ink comes in a stick or block form. It is not only specially formulated to saturate colors better, but also print more efficiently while keeping costs and waste down. The solid ink produces up to 90 percent less waste than any other “green” ink available and is also non-toxic, unlike other ink types. Additionally, the Phaser 8200 ink blocks will not spill and if it rubs on clothing, it does not stain.

Technical Functions
The mechanics of the Phaser 8200 ink blocks are simple. The way the ink is transferred to paper consists of three major functions. First, in the pre printing stage, the printer in which the solid ink blocks reside, will apply a silicone based oil to the printer drum. This layer of silicone oil Is microscopic, so it does not hinder ink application. Additionally, the printer drum is heated to allow for better adhesion of the Phaser 8200 ink. Second, after the silicone oil is heated and applied, the Phaser printer applies a layer of all the colors being used at once and at high speed for even distribution of the colors and so the various color layers do not separate when the image transfer is complete.

The third function consists of bonding the Phaser 8200 ink onto the paper by heating and transferring at the same time. This allows complete penetration of the ink without bleeding or feathering, as is common with other ink types. Immediately after the image transfer and ink bond, the ink cools making the image a permanent part of the paper. All of these processes take only five seconds for a color print. In a two sided print, when the process of the first side is complete and right before the paper ejects fully, the Phaser machine automatically flips the paper to complete the second side image transfer in the same manner.

Replacing Ink
When the Phaser 8200 ink needs replacing, it is quite simple to do as well. Because the loader uses ink in the form of sticks or blocks, changing or adding to the ink can be done without having to turn the printer itself off. This helps the user save time because the printer never has to reboot when performing ink maintenance.
The Phaser 8200, while it has been discontinued as a new product from Xerox, the Phaser 8200 ink is still available for the machines. The ink blocks and sticks come in a variety of colors including the basic black, cyan, magenta and yellow and can be loaded into the printer up to five sticks or blocks at a time. The ink is fade resistant and one ink block or stick can last five times longer than toner or inkjet inks.

Ink Features
Some of the major features and benefits of the Phaser 8200 ink include the ability to produce less waste, consume less energy and emit less greenhouse gasses while in use. Additionally, because of the instant bonding of the Phaser 8200 ink during the heated image transfer, quality of copies and prints, whether black and white or color, are exceptionally bright, clear and streak and smudge free, not to mention they also resist fading.

The resolution of prints using Phaser 8200 ink is of the same quality when used on various types of media including the highest quality photo paper in addition to the thickest fiber based cotton stock paper and even top quality business card stock. Because of the stick or block based form factor, a single “pixel” called solid pixels, which are transferred to the image so that no spacing exists between dots; there simply are no dots for a space to exist.

Additionally, color output is more efficient and consistent when printing numerous copies of a single image because of a process called color registration. It is quote obvious why Phaser 8200 ink is much more efficient when printing in high volumes. Not only will the user receive a high quality image transfer every time, but he will also be helping to take part in a greener environment by using an ink that produces less carbon and waste altogether.

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