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Mens Invicta Watches - The Top 4 Mens Invicta Watches

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For many men, the only piece of jewelry that they wear besides a wedding ring is a watch. Wearing watches allows men to accessorize and add some flash to their wardrobes. A good watch should look just as stylish whether a man is wearing a suit in a business meeting or shorts on the beach. Watches have become status symbols with brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and others costing thousands of dollars per time piece. Most of these watches are hand crafted and have automatic Swiss movement powering their dials. For men who like the look of these expensive brands, but are on a budget, mens Invicta watches offer similar craftsmanship and style at incredibly affordable prices. Here are four of the top mens Invicta watches.

1. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Automated Watch 8926

Out of all the mens Invicta watches, the 8926 is their perennial top seller and it is easy to see why. At first glance, many people incorrectly mistake the watch with Rolex’s Submariner watches. Indeed, the casing looks almost identical to its more expensive inspiration. The only difference in appearance is the name on the dial and the amount on the price tag. This watch features a classic black face and bezel that stands out boldly against the stainless steel band. Large, luminescent hands go around the face of the watch smoothly, powered by automatic movement. As long as a man wears this watch every day, there is no need to wind the watch or to replace batteries. Should he take off the watch for an extended period of time, slight adjustments may need to be made. The crystal on the watch is scratch resistant and anti-reflective and includes a date display bubble located at the 3 o’clock position. Like most mens Invicta watches, the 8926 is rated for water resistance up to 200 meters.

2. Invicta Men’s 9211 Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch

Like the 8926, Invicta’s designers created a watch that draws inspiration from another Rolex model. Patterned after the Rolex Daytona Chronograph, the 9211 Chronograph watch is sure to enhance the look of any man who is wearing it. The 9211 features three small dials that make up its chronograph features. Each dial has the capacity for measuring time in 1/60 of a second increments and can be stopped, started, and reset with the push of a button. The beautiful white face compliments the brushed stainless steel band, creating a monochromatic look that is suitable for men who do not like a lot of flash. The synthetic crystal is scratch resistant, features an anti-reflective coating, and contains a date bubble at the 4 o’clock position. Like other mens Invicta watches, the 9211 is resistant to water for up to 200 meters. This stylish watch looks great in both formal and casual settings and is sure to be the envy of other men in the room.

3. Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Watch

For a more casual and younger look, Invicta has created the 4342 Russia Diver Collection Watch. The 4342 looks bold and stylish with its black and green face and silver case. For an edgier look, Invicta has also included a small chain on the crown. Unlike the previous two models, the 4342 Russian Diver Collection watch features a non metal band that can be adjusted to suit the wearer. The watch also features large, glow in the dark numerals that are easy to see in daytime or at night. The 4342 has slightly less water resistance than other mens Invicta watches, being rated for depths up to 330 feet. For young men who want to look stylish but not too refined, the 4342 Russian Diver Collection Watch is ideal.

4. Invicta Men’s F0003 Exclusive Reserve Collection Venom Chronograph Watch

For those that want a watch that makes a bolder statement than even the 4342 Russian Diver Collection Watch, Invicta offers its most compelling model yet. The first thing that one notices about the F0003 is its powerful gunmetal colored finish that makes the watch really stand out in a crowd. Coupled with a shimmering, cobalt blue face, the F0003 demands attention. The watch’s chronograph dials measure seconds in 1/10 increments for up to 30 minutes and can be started, reset, and stopped at the push of a button. This watch is one of the more expensive mens Invicta watches, but its looks are unparalleled. Not only this, but the watch is water resistant up to 3280 feet.

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