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Cardiff Cheap Flights - How to Find Cheap Flights to Cardiff

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Nestled along the coastline of the Celtic Sea, Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the largest city in the country. Cardiff has quickly become a business and tourist destination, with tens of thousands of travelers flocking to the Welsh capital every year. A trip from the United States to Cardiff can be expensive, since most major airlines fly to London, but with a few tricks, any traveler can save a little money and find cheap flights to Cardiff directly.

The internet has made it easier than ever for individuals to search for cheap flights to Cardiff and anywhere else in the world. When searching for flights online, a person will typically encounter three types of travel websites that they can use to book a flight. The first websites are those of the various airlines that service Cardiff. Searching the individual airline websites can serve as a guide to know that is available and what is the base price for later comparison shopping. While the prices for tickets may appear to be higher when purchased directly from the airline, they may not be after fees and taxes are included into the total. Also, some airlines offer special web promotions that can only be redeemed by purchasing the ticket directly from the airline. The second kind of travel booking website is called an aggregator travel site. These sites are able to search for the prices of several airlines at once and rely on advertising revenue and affiliate deals instead of fees to generate income. Finally, there are traditional travel booking websites that can search for multiple flights, but always charge a fee for the service. Many airlines and travel sites will offer cheaper airfare rates if travelers book a hotel or rental car at the same time as they booking airline tickets. Marketed as package deals, these can offer significant discounts on both the flight and the rooms.

By being flexible with travel dates, travelers can find cheap flights to Cardiff much easily than if they have fixed dates. Airlines often charge a premium price on popular travel days like Sunday. Industry research has shown that the cheapest fares are generally for flights departing on a Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. By booking flights that depart and come back on those days, travelers can save quite a bit of money. Another thing that people interested in cheap flights to Cardiff can do is to shop for airline tickets on Tuesdays. Tuesday is the day that most major airlines offer discounted ticket fares and these discounts typically expire on the following Thursday.

Next, it’s important to consider the time of year when the trip will take place. Historically, it is more expensive to fly to Europe in the winter months when demand is high for the holiday season. Prices generally begin to decrease beginning in February and reach their minimums in late May and early June. By mid June, prices begin their upwards trend again. By purchasing tickets in late May or early June, travelers can catch the lowest fares on cheap flights to Cardiff.

Another way to save money on a plane ticket to Cardiff is to think about taking alternate routes to get there. Many times, airlines charge cheaper rates to fly in to one airport versus another. It may be cheaper to fly into London and take a smaller commuter plane to Cardiff than flying there directly. Also, people interested in cheap flights to Cardiff should look at routes that travel through Dublin or Amsterdam. Direct flights are always the most expensive, so to save additional money, budget travelers can add extra stops along the way.

Finally, savvy, budget conscious can find cheap flights to Cardiff by signing up for airline mailing lists and their customer rewards programs. Many times, airlines will offer special rates and send news of specials to people who are on their mailing lists. Some airlines even have downloadable applications that can be programmed to notify customers if any specials to their choice of destination cities are available the instant that the discount has been made.

It is possible to find cheap flights to Cardiff with a little work. By searching the internet and being flexible with travel dates, travelers can find rates that are much lower than what is normally available.

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