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Paris Travel Deals - Parisian Escape: Expert Tips on Travel Deals to the City of Light

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Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful and alluring cities. It attracts millions of visitors each year giving Paris a healthy and steady stream of tourism. However, the City of Light can become dim once tourists add up daily expenses that make Paris one of the most expensive cities in Europe. In this article, you will learn top travel deals for Paris from an local’s perspective.

Traveling to Paris is fairly easy thanks to its three busy airport hubs and multiple international train stations. If your departing destination is with in Europe, you should check Ryanair.com for the best deals (Barcelona to Paris booked one month in advance is approximately 17 euros). It is better to book early then later as prices due sky rocket if booked less then a week in advance. Once you arrive in Paris, you will be an around an hour outside the city at Beauvais Airport. The cheapest way to get into Paris is by the shuttle bus. You can by tickets once you arrive for approximately 13 euros. There is a train station with in the city that can connect you to Paris, however, to take a taxi to the station would cost you about 10 euros alone. Also, when flying Ryanair try to keep luggage to one carry on that is less then 10 kg (they will charge you extra for stowing it under the plane!). Easyjet.com is also an inexpensive airline that flies into the airports that are closer to Paris. Easyjet tends to be a little more expensive but if booked early (4-6 months in advance) the deals can be better then Ryanair. If your arrive in to Charles De Gualle or Orly Airports, there are shuttle buses that cost around 8 euros each direction. There are train stations connected to each airport that can easily get you into the city center with in an hour. However, these trains are notorious for thieves targeting tourists fresh off the plane. They know you are vulnerable with all of your luggage; therefor, it is better to take the shuttle bus. If you do not want to participate in public transportation, there are many private shared shuttle services available. These cars will pick you up and perhaps a few other people and drop you off at your individual locations. The newest and perhaps the cheapest is Supershuttle.com. For 20 euros, they will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at any address with in the Paris city limits. This is a great deal and Supper Shuttle operates of out many airports worldwide. The train is great to take if arriving from in France or London. You can score great deals by booking online at voyages-sncf.com. If you are under 26 and have plans to stay in France for an extended period, buy the Carte 12-25 for around 50 euro. This may sound expensive but it will pay for itself after buying your first ticket! If you are older then 26, it is again best to book early. One final option of getting to Paris is by booking a bus through Eurolines.com. You can get from London to Paris as cheap as 15 euros! Once in the city, there are several ways of getting around. The Parisian Public transportation system is the best deal. There are metro and bus stops on every corner. RATP.fr is the site for public transportation; it offers a map and helps you plan your itinerary. There are special 1, 3 and 5 day tourist passes that sell for around 9-27 euros. These allow you to get on any bus, metro or tram for the amount of time you are there. However, if you speak French and look the part, you can get the local version of the passes. These will save you around half the cost of the tourist pass. If you do not think you will use the metro very much, you can by 10 tickets for 12 euros or by them one at a time for 1,80. Taxis can be expensive and will only pick you up at taxi ques. It is illegal for a taxi to pick up a passenger mid-block. Perhaps the greatest and cheapest travel deal to get around the city is by walking! You can explore the side streets and discover shops and cafes that you cannot see from the grand boulevards. Paris is a city that prides itself on its beauty, so walk and enjoy the many parks and architectural marvels. Transportation is there when you need it but, Paris is best experienced the old fashioned way- by foot!
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