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Discovery Puzzle Maker - Discovery Puzzle Maker Can Make Lesson Plans Easier

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Discovery Puzzle Maker is an online tool for teachers, parents or puzzle lovers to create their own personalized puzzles. It’s hosted by Discovery Education, part of the Discovery Channel network.

With Discovery Puzzle Maker, a user can choose from ten different types of puzzles that are available free on the website. One of the most popular is a word search puzzle. The user supplies a list of words to be hidden, the title of the puzzle and the number of columns and rows she wants in the puzzle, then the Discovery Puzzle Maker generates the puzzle. This is popular among teachers, who can use a vocabulary or spelling list to create a puzzle for their students to do for review at the end of a unit. The puzzle maker uses a filter to guard against the accidental creation of inappropriate words in the puzzle, but you also have a chance to review your puzzle and have the puzzle maker generate a new one if you find any words you don’t like.

Criss-cross puzzles, or crosswords, are another popular Discovery Puzzle Maker option. The user supplies the words and the clues for the words, the title and the size of the puzzle, and the Puzzle Maker generates the puzzle. If you want to create a puzzle for helping students with math problems, choose the math squares or number blocks puzzle option, where solving math equations leads to filling in the puzzle blanks.

For working out clues and finding hidden messages, you can choose cryptograms or hidden message puzzles. With a cryptogram, the user supplies a message to reveal and the type of characters to stand in for the letters of the message—numbers, Greek letters or English letters—and the Discovery Puzzle Maker creates the code. A hidden message puzzle is another kind of word search, but when all the words are found, a hidden message is revealed.

Double puzzles involve unscrambling words to reveal clues to a final phrase. Fallen phrases hide a provided phrase among other letters to fit into a grid. Letter tiles have scrambled words in boxes creating a hidden phrase. Mazes are fun logic puzzles—when you create a maze on Discovery Puzzle Maker, you can choose the size, shape and difficulty level of the maze.

If you like the Discovery Puzzle Maker but find yourself wishing you had more options, there is an expanded version available to purchase. The CD-ROM has all ten puzzles, plus a searchable dictionary and 350 clip art images for adding to puzzles. It’s a great tool for classroom use.

Discovery Puzzle Maker is a popular tool for classroom teachers to use for review work, since they can easily create customized puzzles to match any unit or curriculum. It’s also a great addition to a home schooling curriculum. Parents can easily create puzzles to help their children work on anything they’re struggling with. It’s also a great way to print out free puzzles to entertain children on long car trips. Parents could create puzzles with lists of words relating to a vacation destination for doing on the trip there.

If you like doing puzzles but have no need to create customized puzzles, the Discovery Puzzle Maker also has some pre-made puzzles available to do, including an environmental game, a math game, and a game to work on the parts of speech.

Discovery Puzzle Maker is an amazing tool available to all teachers, parents and puzzle lovers just by visiting Discovery Education online. Once you begin using Discovery Puzzle Maker, you may wonder how you prepared for review lessons or long trips without it.

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