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New Home Georgia - Finding a New Home: Georgia

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With global economies set to under perform and the United States being no exception, many people are wondering where to put their money during these uncertain times. The stock market has been a virtual roller coaster and foreign currency exchange is unpredictable, which has many people confused as to how to invest their hard earned capital. However, there is a silver lining in this down-trending economy for those who have money. The housing market has suffered a hit during this economical firestorm like no other markets in the United States. Due to this fact, many housing markets all throughout the country are seeing prices continue to drop and foreclosures increasing. For those that were able to stay afloat in this financially stressful situation, they will find that there is no better time to purchase a first home or invest in a second home than of the present. With prices seemingly near bottom and interest rates at historical lows, the opportunities for home purchase could not be more evident. A very popular market in the United States is the state of Georgia, which has been home to one of the fastest growing economies during the past two decades. Because of its economy, new homes in Georgia will most likely see a speedy recovery when things get back on track, and by purchasing property in Georgia, one is setting themselves up for large gains in the future.
Atlanta Area
One of the largest urbanized areas of Georgia is the city of Atlanta, which has become a Mecca for almost every business and corporation in the United States. The centralized southern location of Atlanta makes is a prime spot for a connecting center when trading goods and services between the northern and southern East Coast and has caused the city to almost double in the last twenty years. Because of this, housing in Atlanta has increased numerous times over and even before the housing market crash, Atlanta was considered a prime investment opportunity when looking into new homes in Georgia. A little know fact about Atlanta is that out of all of the urbanized areas in the South, it is expected to grow the fastest, which makes it a prime location for relocation for a new home in Georgia or also as an investment opportunity.
Little known to most of the southern United States, Athens Georgia has become one of the leading cultural centers in the South. With its colleges and local arts, the city has grown to hold one of the most popular areas in the state for tourism. This has lead a few savvy investors to realize that there is big money to be made when buying and selling new homes in Georgia. This little known secret is beginning to gain national attention so those that are looking for potential investment homes or simply a place to relocate that has both style and activities must act fast in order to get in on opportunities at hand. Athens is growing at a rate comparable to Atlanta and is predicted to become one of the largest cultural centers in the South.
Life is a little slower in Savannah, where the city is old and the houses portray elegant southern charm. However, like Athens, the city of Savannah has branched out over the last few years and holds opportunities for those who would not formerly be able to afford a home in the area. During the economic recession, even old money cities like Savannah have felt the financial crunch, especially since developers had just recently began remodeling less savory parts of the city to higher income buyers. When the recession hit, these developers were left without buyers, which lead to the prices in these areas hitting bottom. Another little known fact is that those who are willing to search may be able to find one of these homes that still needs to be fixed up. Many times there are one or two homes in areas that have been refurbished that still need work. This can be a great opportunity for those who aren’t afraid of a little sweat equity.

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