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Las Vegas Extended Stay - Las Vegas Extended Stay Lodging

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If you’re in Las Vegas for more than a night or two, you need some kind of extended stay accommodations. Unless you’re rolling in the dough already or doing especially well at the tables, it doesn’t make sense to keep paying the usual per night rates at Las Vegas hotels for more than a short period of time.
Let’s take a quick look at extended stay hotels in general. These are hotels that meet the need of travelers who are staying longer than the common week or weekend length visits. Travelers are obviously not always vacationers, often they are people on business trips or who are checking out specific areas with an eye to moving there. Or they may be in town for any number of other reasons that necessitate a longer stay.
For these people longer term accommodation is required. The only option in these cases besides an ordinary hotel is renting an apartment. This can involve considerable search and hassle – the renter must fill out a rental application, sometimes provide references or credit history, and often sign a lease. This last point is important: many travelers (whether on vacation or for business) are in locations shorter than most leases run and do not want or need to hassle of being tied into a rental contract of some sort.
Since both ordinary hotels and apartments do not fit the bill, extended stay hotels have been created. They generally offer more space, a full kitchen, and can be rented as easily as one would rent a hotel room. They are more expensive than apartments, but they provide so much more convenience that it is often worth it. And their rates on a nightly basis are of course considerably less than regular hotels. In addition, the fact that they have full kitchens means that a traveler doesn’t need to constantly be spending money on eating out – they can go to a grocery store and cook for as cheaply as they would a home.
One of the largest and best known extended stay hotel chains, also present in Las Vegas, is Extended Stay America. Their studio suites come with a full kitchen and queen size bed, and cost around $32 per night as long as one stays for a week or longer. For an upgrade to two twin beds and a sleeper sofa, you only pay an extra $5. Again, this is probably more expensive than many apartments of comparable size, it comes to 224.00 for a week and 896.00 a month for the cheaper rooms. But it is definitely less expensive than even a moderately priced ordinary Las Vegas hotel which could cost upwards of 75.00 a night, not to mention higher class hotels which can easily go up into the hundreds as a nightly rate.
These extended stay Las Vegas rooms come with all the necessary accoutrements – kitchen utensils, microwave oven and stove, refrigerator, on site laundry, a work area with a computer data port, even an ironing board. They also allow free local calls to from the room with personalized voice mail as part of the package.
Two other chains, offering much the same type of accommodations as far as rate and facilities is concerned, are Extended Stay Deluxe (which is affiliated with Extended Stay America but slightly more high end), and Homestead Studio Suites. Both chains have several extended stay Las Vegas locations close to the downtown areas. Homestead even offers access to a fitness club for an extra fee.
One nice thing about these Las Vegas extended stay rooms in that they are often pet friendly. They allow dogs, cats, and other animals to stay in the rooms. This is almost never the case with ordinary hotels. A few hotels might allow a pet to stay for an extra fee, but in the case of extended stay hotels pets are allowed to stay as part of the overall package.
It should be noted that many ordinary hotels and motels do sometimes offer discounted rates for extended stays. There are many such hotels in Las Vegas as there are all over the nation. If luxury accommodation is not important, you can probably find motels and so on that will give you rates in the $150 to $200 range by the week. These are less expensive than the extended stay hotels mentioned above, but bear in mind that they often do not have any kitchen, laundry, internet and other facilities mentioned above. Living in these types of rooms for an extended period of time is possible, but usually not a highly convenient option. Living in more expensive hotels at their extended rates may seem like a higher class option, but these rooms still lack most of the long term features of Las Vegas extended stay rooms and suites and are usually more expensive anyway.
Extended stay hotels are a fairly affordable and attractive option if you’re staying in Las Vegas for a more lengthy period than the average traveler. All things considered, they are by far the best option. A good website to look at when searching for Las Vegas extended stay hotels is: http://www.extendedstayhotels.com/.

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