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Trailer Homes For Sale - Finding Trailer Homes for Sale

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Trailer homes are an economical solution for many families who otherwise cannot afford to purchase a home. Although in some areas there is a stigma attached to living in a mobile home, most modern mobile homes are built to high quality standards and are made to last as long as a traditional stick home. The main differences you’ll notice are the shape and the price.

Finding trailer homes for sale can be a challenge in some areas, especially where there are zoning regulations that limit the type of home that can be erected. In these areas, your best chance of finding a trailer home to purchase is in older neighborhoods, where they have been grandfathered in. However, these older mobile homes may not be built to today’s standards, so be sure to inspect them carefully.

Another way to find trailer homes for sale is to go to a mobile home community and drive around. You will probably find many homes with for sale signs in the window. It is often possible to get a good deal on these homes, especially if the people no longer live there. The reason for this is simple. Many times, people buy a house before selling their mobile home, not realizing how difficult it will be to sell. After awhile, they get really tired of continuing to pay lot rent at the mobile home community and the price starts coming down. You can even find free mobile homes occasionally, just by driving around the parks and looking.

Of course, you can also find mobile homes for sale by searching the MLS listings online or by contacting a Realtor. If you are looking for a home that is located on its own land, this may be the best way to do it. However, you will usually not find trailer homes that need to be moved by searching the real estate listings, since Realtors only deal with real property.

Another place to look for trailer homes for sale is in the classified ads in your local newspaper. You can also find listings for mobile homes in the classified ad publications that are sold at convenience stores or online on classified ad websites such as Craig’s List. Sometimes you can find them on auction websites as well.

Regardless of where you find your trailer home, you will need a place to put it. If you buy a mobile home that is already in a park, you will most likely be permitted to leave it where it is and move into it. However, you must be approved by the park first, so it is a good idea to apply before you buy the home. If you are denied by the park because of your credit, income or other issues, you can still purchase the home if you choose but you will need to move it out of the park.

Moving a mobile home can be expensive, especially if it is a double-wide or you are moving it a long distance. For a single-wide mobile home that is not going far, it may be possible to find someone to move it for you for as little as $2000. You can expect the job to cost a lot more for a double-wide because the home must be separated into halves before transporting and then reassembled at the new location.

If you plan to live in your trailer home for a long time, buying your own lot for the house may be a wise investment, even after factoring in the cost of moving and setting up the mobile home, as well as the cost of water, sewer and other utility hookups. Even if you take into consideration the cost of the land and everything else, you can often purchase a mobile home for much less than a stick-built house of the same size. This makes trailer homes an appealing and affordable option for anyone with a limited budget.

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