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Plastic Swimming Pools - Choosing Plastic Swimming Pools for Kids

infant pools hard plastic swimming pools

Summertime means fun in the sun for most children who are home on vacation from school. For kids who spend the majority of their days in the scorching heat, a swimming pool in the backyard is a gift from heaven. Plastic swimming pools are an addition that can bring joy and happiness to children of all ages without breaking the bank. Here are some tips when choosing a plastic swimming pool for kids.

Why Should I Choose a Plastic Swimming Pool?

Plastic swimming pools are great for families who want to keep cool but lack in ground space. Having a plastic pool that can be folded up and stored inside conveniently after use keeps the backyard open for other activities. Also, unlike a permanent swimming pool, plastic swimming pools do not require fencing, concrete sidewalks or patios, pool houses, toxic chemicals, expensive water pumps, or annual upkeep and maintenance. Plastic swimming pools hold much less water than traditional permanent pools, which is environmentally conscious as well as cheaper in energy costs. Whenever a family is spending a summer out of town or they are too busy to spend time out at the pool, plastic swimming pools are perfect because there is never the worry associated with not spending time and energy monitoring the pool as with permanent pools. Also, plastic swimming pools usually only have around two feet of water, at most for the largest sizes, so there is less worry than having a pool that is eight or nine feet deep, where children are more likely to drown.

Infant Pools

The cheapest plastic pools are designed just for babies, and use only a few gallons of water so the infant is able to sit in a couple of inches. These types of pools cost between three and fifteen dollars. The diameter for infant pools is a couple feet, and these pools are most often inflatable, so they are softer and more comfortable for this age group than hard plastic. Pools for babies typically have an inflatable shade attached to one side of the pool in order to protect the infant from the hot sun’s rays. The styles of infant pools are usually themed, with the pool resembling a large water animal, such as a sea turtle, hippopotamus, whale or octopus, or summertime feature, such as a flower or tropical island. Often, these types of swimming pools will have sprinkler attachments that use a water hose to spray the infant, but by making this a separate attachment allows the spray of water to be optional. Having this as optional is wonderful because most younger babies hate having water spray in their face, and therefore may be uncomfortable with the sprinklers.

Hard Plastic Swimming Pools

Plastic pools for kids that are most affordable and easiest to use are the hard plastic-sided pools. These pools are basic circular shaped structures that can be simply constructed and stored after use. Most of these pools will fill up with water to approximately twenty-four inches in height at full capacity. The basic plastic pool will have snap set sides that will expand to hold the water as it is filled, and require no special tools or complicated assembly. Typically, these pools will comfortably hold up to six children or three adults, and they are made for relaxing and splashing rather than swimming in full stride. For families who are looking at purchasing a pool for their backyard, but lack in time, energy, and space, this type of plastic swimming pool is a marvelous alternative.

Swimming Pools that are Activity Centers

The play centers are usually inflatable, using water sprinkler systems placed within the sides to collect with water and keep the pool afloat. As an entertaining and exciting new category of swimming pools for kids, these types of pools are decorated and built around a theme. For instance, the pirate activity pool is shaped like a pirate ship, complete with functional water cannons, plastic flags, and booty chests. Other themes include tropical islands, ocean exploration, and zoo animals. Most of the plastic swimming activity centers include slides, ball or ring tosses, sports facilities that use inflatable balls, sprinklers or spray guns, shaded areas with inflatable trees or rainbows, and wading pools that collect water. Great for keeping kids occupied for longer periods of time, boredom will be nonexistent for families who purchase this kind of plastic swimming pool. Activity center pools take plastic swimming pools to a whole new level of summertime adventure.

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