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Att Phone Service - ATT Cellular Phone Service Faster Than Most, Although Many Claim it is Unreliable

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AT T cellular and other phone services have been under scrutiny for quite some time now. Ever since the original iPhone from Apple made it to the scene, questions have been raised as to whether the ATT cellular and phone service could handle the clients and data usage. Recently, though, AT T cellular service and data plans have been cut to reflect the obvious problem; reducing the “all you can eat” unlimited data consumption rate plans to two separate plans of 250 MB a month and 2GB a month.

If a customer on wither of these plans uses more than what they receive according to the respective plans, they will pay for the extra usage by the minute. This is a tactic that was once used by various wireless carriers when cellular service first became popular and it can make cell phone bills extraordinarily higher than normal.

ATT home phone service is exceptional, according to many customer reviews. Not only are the rates on monthly service plans reasonable, but customers also feel that the AT&T customer service is also a shining example of what it means to service the customer. This portion of ATT phone service is not in question, but the AT T cellular service is.

Cellular Service Problems?
Reports sate that although AT T consistently has faster download and data transfer speeds it still lacks in the coverage deportment. Even though AT&T’s claim that its 3G service covers more than 97 percent of the US, this is simply untrue. The not so new 3G service coverage area is lacking and covers only about a quarter of the United States in reality and it is the slower, more time consuming 2G service, or EDGE frequency that covers the 97 percent.

The way the AT T cellular service works when users have a 3G service plan is that in areas where 3G is available, the user switches the 3G service on for talk and Internet. Then, if the user travels to an area where the 3G service is no longer available under the AT&T network, it automatically switches to the 2G EDGE service. While this transfer is seamless for phone calls, is customers are in the middle of downloading something, the download stops and the user must then re-download the entire file because it is not saved if a transfer to 2G service is made during the download of the file.

Union and other Discounts
More recently, AT T cellular phone service has implemented a unionized service discount. On their website, they are proudly displaying the slogan stating that they are proudly the only wireless carrier in the US to be a unionized carrier of wireless service. What this means to the unionized customers is that they will receive a 15 percent discount on AT T cellular service plans purchased. Additionally, union members of these service plans will also receive discounts on new AT T cellular phones, including the brand new iPhone 4 from Apple.

Ion addition to the monetary discounts, union members of the AT T cellular service plans also receive, free of charge, an advocacy program that gives users help with AT T customer service and discounts on all accessories.

Typical AT T Cellular Speeds
AT T cellular speeds are much like those from T-Mobile, since they use the same band frequencies, GSM and EDGE. Their GSM 2G service can gain average speeds of only 75kbit/s to 135kbit/s; some of the slowest speeds in the country. Their EDGE 3G service (2.5G mistakenly called 3G) can gain speeds for downloads of up to 1.4 Mbit/s and up to 773kbit/s upload speeds, according to a PC World field study on the leading wireless carriers in the US dated February 2010.

Currently, AT T cellular is marketing their “4G” service, which is HSDPA however, it is not true 4G; a true 4G band must be approved by the ITU (The standard setting group) as such and HSDPA is not. However, it is true that HSDPA does gain much faster download speeds, which is why many choose it over other services. At 7.2 Mbit/s, it is currently the fastest cellular service in the country; however, T-Mobile uses it as well.

AT T cellular service must make a lot of headway to clear up the reputation of having a shoddy network, however, if they continue to keep on par with T-Mobile, they wil do so in no time. With the current record for the fastest download time in the US, it tends to make up for the lack in coverage areas across the nation;; another situation that AT T phone service is in the middle of rectifying.

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