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Senseo Coffee Makers - Tips for Buying Senseo Coffee Makers

brew water pods reservoir

If you need a convenient, single-serve coffee maker, look no further. Senseo coffee makers are designed to brew two cups of coffee or one eight-ounce mug in less than a minute, which makes this machine faster and more affordable than purchasing your morning coffee from a coffeehouse.

Senseo Coffee Pod System
Senseo coffee makers are manufactured by Philips Electronics in cooperation with Sara Lee and subsidiary Douwe Egberts. Legendary coffee roaster, Douwe Egberts has been producing coffee in Europe for more than 250 years. Today, the company also produces the sophisticated Senseo coffee pods for Philips. Each coffee pod is individually sealed to produce fresh tasting coffee consistently without any messy clean-up. Single-serving coffee pods are available in a multitude of flavors from decaf to dark roast. Traditional coffees, such as Kona, Sumatra, and Breakfast Blend, are offered as well as specialty flavors, including hazelnut, vanilla, and Irish cream. On average, pods are packaged six per pack at a cost of .40 cents per serving. Senseo also offers patented cappuccino pods with integrated creamer for extra foam, but the options don’t stop there. The leading coffee manufacturers as well as the chocolatier Godiva manufacture coffee pods that are compatible with Philips Senseo coffee makers.

Operating the Senseo Coffee Maker
To brew coffee, insert two pods into the pod holder and fill the removable reservoir with cool, clear water. Senseo also offers an extra-large water reservoir that can be purchased separately. The extra-large reservoir holds forty ounces or ten cups of water, which is twice the capacity of the standard model. The Senseo coffee maker brews one or two four-ounce servings per brew cycle. Dual buttons make it easy to select or two servings. By using pre-packaged pods and technology that controls water-use, the Senseo produces a perfect cup of coffee every time. The patented brew process heats water to 205 degrees and forces steam through the coffee pod for consistently well-balanced flavor on-demand. Senseo coffee makers operate under 1.2 bars of pressure, which is comparable to a stovetop espresso maker. Before leaving the machine, all coffee is passed through a frothing chamber where the liquid is aerated to produce the foamy crema associated with high-quality coffeehouses and European cafes. For easy of filling, the Senseo includes an adjustable spout for filling cups of all sizes from travel mugs to the tiny demitasse.

Senseo Model Options
Senseo models range from $60 for the standard model to $130 for the chrome Senseo Supreme. The standard Senseo has a water capacity of 20 ounces unless paired with the extra-large reservoir. If you make more than two mugs of coffee at a time, purchasing the extra-large water reservoir or Senseo Deluxe is the best bet. The Senseo Deluxe and Senseo Supreme offer several upgrades. The Senseo Deluxe has a larger reservoir capacity of eight cups or four large coffee mugs. Both the standard and the deluxe model have the option to brew one or two four-ounce servings, however, the Senseo Supreme includes a customized brew strength adjustor that allows the user to make between 3 and 10 ounces of coffee in one brew cycle. The strength adjusting feature makes it easy to brew espresso or customize the flavor of your coffee anytime. All Senseo models brew two four-ounce servings or eight ounces of coffee in less than a minute. For ease of use, the Senseo includes an intuitive design with LCD screen, water level indicator, auto turn-off, and dishwasher safe parts. After Senseo entered the market, it won the prestigious ChefsBest award for performance. According to the independent judging organization, Senseo coffee makers also ranked as the best performing model in their class of single-serve units. All Senseo coffee makers come with a two year limited warranty against defects, which is backed by Philips.

For gourmet coffee in a hurry, Senseo provides all of the taste and aroma without the mess of traditional filters or the fuss of grinding coffee beans. The smart, well-developed design makes Philips Senseo coffee makers an excellent choice for coffee connoisseurs and light consumption households alike.

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