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Mens Work Shoes - How to Choose the Right Mens Work Shoes

one’s dress color boots

The range of mens work shoes available in the market today is astounding. Men, like women are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping for the right pair of mens work shoes. For one there are so many more variety of designs of mens work shoes in the market now than ever before, ranging from dress shoes to moccasins, loafers, sneakers, oxfords and boots. Dress shoes for example, can come in varied colors other than the conventional black such as burgundy, brown, tan and cognac, as well as in different styles and brands.

With widespread use of emails and automated systems, many companies have adopted flexi- hour and work-from-home practices. As a result more companies have also agreed to more casual dress codes for their employees including many implementing the ‘casual Friday’ concept where employees can dress casually to work on Fridays. The range of mens work shoes have also grown with the trend with footwear companies coming up with new trendy styles and colors to suit modern working men.

Even though choosing the right mens work shoes depends a lot on personal taste and preference, here are some practical tips to guide one along.

The right pair of mens work shoes must be suited for the job
The statement, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” does not apply to mens work shoes. The right pair of footwear has to be suitable for the work environment and strong enough to bear the load of the day, especially when one’s work requires a considerable degree of labor. Certain industries, such as finance, banking and service industries have traditionally established dress codes where only leather dress shoes are appropriate. On the other hand, in certain production or engineering facilities, safety boots may be required due to safety regulations and policies.

Deciding on the right color of mens work shoes
Choosing the right color of mens work shoes should not be a hard task. Just follow the simple rule that the color of one’s shoes must be darker than one’s pants. For example, black shoes are good for navy, grey or black pants. Similarly, brown shoes go well with brown, beige or dark earthen tone pants. Shoe color does not have to be the same as one’s socks; however certain office etiquette does dictate that it may not be appropriate to wear light-colored socks which have the tendency to stand out when one is seated. Finding a pair of mens work shoes that matches the color of one’s belt is a good idea and makes a great fashion combination.

Mens work shoes must be comfortable
Based on a normal 40-hour work week, one spends about 67 per cent of one’s waking hours during the weekdays at work. In other words, the time spent wearing one’s work shoes is longer than time spent in any shoes. When choosing work shoes for men, the comfort factor should be top on the priority list. When trying on new shoes at the store one should walk a few strides in them and jump on the spot to test its support condition. Check on the stitches, soles and workmanship of the shoe to ensure that the quality is acceptable before purchasing.

All-occasion mens work shoes
Having dinner with friends or meeting a date for a movie after work is a normal occurrence for many working professionals. A few basic fashion tips can be dispensed here. For example, safety boots may not be a good idea in a posh restaurant; however, loafers or dress shoes do not look out of place in family dining places. To avoid being either underdressed or overdressed, one should choose wisely on the type of mens work shoes that can be worn during and after work based on one’s lifestyle considering the places that one frequents.

Mens work shoes suitable for the climate
Even though suede shoes look great, they are not very suitable materials to protect the feet on a rainy day. Water-resistant shoes such as boots or certain sportswear shoes are better choices when working outdoors under wet conditions. However, as the weather changes, so do one’s outfit and shoes. Similarly, in hot and humid conditions, one has to contend with sweaty feet. So, fabric shoes, sneakers or ventilated shoes are more appropriate and comfortable during summer.

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