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Vision Health Insurance

good vision vision insurance options vision discount plans

Vision health insurance used to always be a part of employer group health insurance packages. But more and more, employers are eliminating vision coverage in order to reduce health care premiums. Vision health insurance is a benefit many people find necessary, and it can be purchased on an individual basis.

Vision health insurance is important to have for many reasons. More than half of all Americans wear some type of corrective lenses. Close work, working on a computer all day, or simply ageing can affect a person’s sight. Good vision coverage should be there when it is needed, and since it is relatively inexpensive it makes sense to look into purchasing an individual vision plan.

Good Vision

In order to have good vision, visual acuity should be 20/20, which means a person can see an object sharply at 20 feet. Having 20/20 vision does not mean perfect vision; it is just a reflection of a person’s central vision, or seeing things in a straight line. It does not take into consideration peripheral vision, detecting colors, or depth perception.

A routine vision examination can uncover problems within the eye. In order to maintain good eye health and spot any potential problems early, an important preventive measure is to have an examination. Certain health conditions can be detected through a vision exam, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Vision Insurance Options

Having a good vision insurance plan will help cover the costs associated with maintaining good eye health, just as a health insurance plan helps with the cost of seeking medical care. Eye examinations can be performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, and an optician is the person who makes the corrective lenses. Optometrists are great for a basic examination, but as a person ages, or if a problem has been detected, an ophthalmologist should be consulted.

Vision health insurance will pay, in full or at a percentage determined by the coverage, for eye care. The coverage will include the basic eye examination, generally once every two years for a healthy person under the age of 40. After age 40, or if a problem has been detected, an annual vision examination is usually recommended and covered under a vision health plan.

Most vision insurance plans pay 100% for an eye exam performed by an optometrist. Vision health insurance will also provide coverage for:

•Corrective Lenses – a fixed dollar amount, and then a percentage of the eyeglasses selected will be covered. The coverage usually includes prescriptive lenses along with eye glasses frames. There are generally limits on the dollar amount and/or selection of frames, as well as for any lenses above a single-vision prescription.

•Contact Lenses – there are many different types of contact lenses, and vision insurance will assist with the cost. Most vision health insurance plans will provide an additional discount for mail-order contact lenses.

A vision insurance plan will have a list of providers that participate in the plan. These providers must be accessed for service. The providers will likely include local independent locations as well as some of the larger chain stores.

Very often vision health insurance plans come bundled with dental and prescription programs. The cost for these programs can run anywhere from $15 to upwards of $50 per month, depending on the level of coverage chosen.

Vision Discount Plans

Some large vision chain stores, as well as health insurance companies, will have vision health discount programs that provide low cost eye exams and discounts on eyewear. Discount plans are not considered insurance, as they do not pay for services received. The individual only receives a discounted payment rate for vision exams and/or eyewear.

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