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West Sacramento Home - A West Sacramento Home Defines Convenient Living

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Living in West Sacramento, California, might be one of few places to experience riverfront living reminiscent of old time charm, with the cultural advantages and work opportunities associated with a multi-faceted metropolitan area. Accordingly, it might even offer the opportunity to conveniently live and work in the same locale, a dream not always possible nowadays.

West Sacramento, home to a growing population, is a city with a rich history and a promising future. It has grown from a 2000 census count of 32,000 to an estimated 44,000 by 2006. Uniquely, despite its name, it is not part of California’s larger capital city, Sacramento, but rather lies across the Sacramento River, a border relegating it to an entirely different county. Both cities revolve, in part, around the busy Port of West Sacramento. Originally operated as the Port of Sacramento when opened in 1963, the renamed booming cargo port is now the sole responsibility of West Sacramento.

Along with the excitement of a large port, owning a West Sacramento home would enable one to enjoy the benefits that the nearby state capital region offers, including varied higher educational and medical facilities. Besides the bustling transportation industry, Yolo County’s West Sacramento area sits amidst a rich agricultural region that has defined much of its history. Indeed, as early as 4,000 years ago, the region’s bounty was discovered by the Patwin Indians, the first inhabitants of the west bank of the Sacramento River and the area now known as the City of West Sacramento.

Attracted by the fishing, hunting, and lush vegetation enabling them to fashion nets, boats, and rafts, the Patwins and other Native Americans thrived by the thousands until European settlers arrived in the 1800’s. With them came diseases such as smallpox and malaria which vastly decreased tribal populations. While surviving natives became slaves or employees of the white man, still more Europeans arrived, attracted by trapping, hunting, and in 1848, the Gold Rush. Nonetheless, throughout the years, agriculture flourished with such diversities as salmon fisheries, dairy cattle, and crops of corn, sweet potatoes and melons. That same agricultural influence continues today in a city fueled by growth.

West Sacramento, home to a new downtown civic center district, is proud of its past while supporting forward planning. The new complex consists of four buildings, including City Hall and the soon to be completed community center, a beautiful structure housing everything from an art gallery to senior citizen and preschool centers. Additional city plans include a streetcar system in an environment already highly favorable for retail businesses. Also, showing a commitment to educational excellence, a $25 million dollar school bond was recently approved. This will help insure that the city’s children will be well prepared for entry into their choice of the many nearby junior college, state university, or private, higher education facilities.

With so much to offer businesses and families, what is the current housing market like? A West Sacramento home’s median price approximates $250,000. A new 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 3-car garage model, with about 1900 square feet of living space runs about $300,000. For $360,000, that can be stepped up to 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2,700 square feet, with either home on a .13 acre lot. While not overly large, yard size may be insignificant, especially in master planned developments linking village residents to all amenities of daily life.

More important for families is the abundance of readily accessible activities, including miles of hiking trails, 22 neighborhood parks, and river access for boating and fishing while observing major shipping port activity. The River Walk Park area, for instance, provides enjoyment of river views for picnics and concerts, while Raley Field is tops for watching the Oakland A’s minor league team, the River Cats. There’s a new recreation center for wall climbing that contrasts well with visits to the vibrant historical museum of West Sacramento, home to memories that keep history alive.

Affording such varied family activities, lively small town businesses, and cross-river metropolitan advantages, a West Sacramento home would appear to embody what most seek and feel fortunate to ever find. Moreover, if lucky enough to have a job across the river or right downtown, working where they live would make residing in West Sacramento not only convenient, but also pretty close to ideal.

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