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Color Printer Cartridge - How to Save Money on Color Printer Ink Cartridges

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A color printer is almost a necessity in any business any more, and if it’s not absolutely necessary, it puts a nice touch on letterheads and even internal memos. It can be costly to maintain a supply of color printer ink cartridges, though, so most businesses will curtail the use of color ink by not allowing color printing except in necessary situations, such as flyers. You can allow a little more use of color printer cartridges without it costing more, though.

First, for all internal mail, memos and so on, make sure your color printer is set to “draft”. This will make the colors a little lighter but will usually still be acceptable. Print a test page to make sure you’re happy with it. If it doesn’t suit you, change to “normal” or whatever your printer’s next setting is. Never use “photo” unless you really need a high quality print out.

Some printers use separate color printer ink cartridges for each color, and although these printers can be a little more expensive, they will pay for themselves quickly because when one color runs out, replacing small one color printer cartridges can be done for less than having to replace common three color cartridges.

You can save quite a bit if you choose to buy refilled ink cartridges, and you can save even more if you refill them yourself. Tiger Direct (http://www.tigerdirect.com) and Walgreen’s are two places where you can buy quality refill kits.

If you already have a color printer that uses one cartridge for all three colors, that’s the cheapest option to save money. It can be a little tricky to refill color printer cartridges because you have to be very careful to keep the colors separate. You can either thoroughly clean the syringe between color changes or use three different syringes. Using three different syringes is the most logical way because there is much less chance of accidentally introducing a drop of the wrong color.

To save on color ink, never run out of black ink. When the black ink cartridge is empty, your printer will switch to using all three colors to produce a combination that looks black. This is a very expensive way to print. A black ink cartridge is cheaper than using your color printer ink cartridge, so check it often and keep extras or a refill kit on hand.

Take the time to make adjustments to your printing quality, use the least expensive way of replacing color ink cartridges or color ink and consider buying a printer that uses individual cartridges for each color when you need to replace one. You will see a difference in the amount you spend on color ink cartridges.

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