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King Bed Sheets - Choosing the Right King Bed Sheets

cotton satin flannel egyptian

When it comes to outfitting your king bed with sheets, choosing the right material can be very difficult. After all, there are more types of sheets out there on the market than anyone could ever conceivably choose from without getting a headache. By understanding the different between sheet types, however, making an informed decision does not have to be difficult. More often than not, choosing the right type of sheets for your king bed is a decision that will usually fall into place after sufficient research. Here are three types of sheets that you might consider outfitting your bed with.


Egyptian cotton may be the most sought after type of sheet on the market. This sheet is prized for its softness as well as its durability. While at one point in time Egyptian cotton sheets were some of the most expensive on the market (and were even quite difficult to obtain), their prices have dropped significantly over the years, and they can now be found at just about any department store, ensuring that people of all walks of life can have the pleasure of outfitting their beds with this luxurious sheet.


If you’re looking for a totally different feel, you can’t go wrong with satin sheets. Satin is one of the most interesting materials available for sheeting, with its lush, silky feel, and make for bedding that feels like royalty. While satin sheets come in a variety of colors, red is by far the most famous, and can turn an ordinary king bed into one that you can’t wait to jump into at the end of the night. While usually more expensive than cotton, satin sheets are a true treat for those looking to switch things up a bit.


For those who live in cold climates, cotton sheets may not be enough to keep them warm throughout the night. One of the best ways to remedy is problem is to outfit your bed with flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are entirely warmer than other varieties, and are designed to be used by those who need an extra layer or warmth while they sleep. Flannel tends to be thicker and a bit more coarse than cotton or silk, which is why it is thoroughly important to be sure these are the king bed sheets that you wish to use. Otherwise, they may be too warm for you.

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