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London Flight Deals - London Flight Deals: Everything You've Always Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask!

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In today’s often bleak economic climate, people are sometimes hard-pressed to pay their mortgages, let alone find the money to simply jet off on a holiday whenever the mood strikes. However, with the Internet, a pen & paper, and some spare time, it’s a breeze to find sweet deals on flights to popular destinations, like London, New York City, or Paris—or anywhere else, for that matter.

You know what they say: First things first! Decide where you want to go. Plenty of people skip this obvious step, and miss out on great, time-sensitive deals. Let’s say you’re finally going to do it: That trip to London you’ve always wanted to take is happening, and it’s happening NOW. Great! Now that you know where you’re headed, here are some great tips on finding killer discounts on flights to London.

1). “Misplace” Your Travel Agent’s Phone Number: Unless your travel agent is a close friend, or has rendered excellent service in the past, it might behoove you to plan your own trip. Don’t panic, it’s easier than it sounds, and you’ll save part of your ticket price right off the top, as you won’t be paying any commissions.

2). Bundle Up!: In addition to making sure you know what the temperature is going to be when you touch down in London (they use Celsius, not Fahrenheit), you can use sites like Expedia, Travelocity, or Hotwire to book your flight, hotel, and even your rental car all in one package, saving you hundreds of dollars.

3). Timing is Everything: In order to find great deals on flights to London (or anywhere, really), you need to know what time it is. Most popular tourist spots have a “high” and “low” season. If you want the best deals on your flight to London, here’s a pointer: The low season, or season when tourists are few and far between, in London, encompasses the month of November, and continues through the first half of December. Then, there’s a gap until New Year’s Day (January 1st), on through to the beginning of March. Prices then begin to rise, with the impending summer tourist rush.

4). Be Gumby: If you truly want the best deals on flights to London, you must be flexible. For example, if you book a flight during the low/off season, be advised that not all tourist attractions may be open—-so if you’re dying to see a particular attraction, you might want to re-think your schedule. Additionally, the weather in London is similar to that of Canada, due to latitudinal similarity. Therefore, if you hate the cold, or can’t stand crowds, plan around them: Winter & Summer occur around the same time, with crowds to match.

5.) Cover Your “Assets”: This one is simple: Buy traveler’s insurance. The money you save on your ticket will cover the cost of paying your premium, and if you lose your baggage in Heathrow Airport, and, as a result, end up with your passport, $20, and one set of clothes (hint: you’re wearing them), you’ll be glad you spent the extra cash on your policy. Remember: Forewarned is forearmed.

6). The Path Less Travelled By: If you happen to be young and adventurous, consider trying one of the few remaining Air Courier sites. As an air courier, you will transport business documents overseas for a company, in exchange for reduced airfare. In doing so, you can sometimes find bargain-basement deals on flights to London and other hubs of international business. However, in utilizing such a great opportunity, you agree to give up your luggage allowance. This means, in most cases, if you can’t fit it into your carry-on, it isn’t coming with you, so pack light. Again, flexibility is key. Timetables can shift rapidly. Your destination might be London, but your courier duties might take you to Paris, which will mean a short ride on the EuroStar. Most companies charge a sign-up fee, and this method is best suited to solo travelers; those with partners should look elsewhere.

And there you have it. By now, you should have all you need to find great deals on flights to London (or wherever!). So, enjoy your trip, and don’t forget your toothbrush!

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