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Coronado California Hotels - Top Coronado, California Hotels

1. hotel del coronado 2. 1906 lodge

Located only two miles from downtown San Diego, Coronado Island is an island oasis from the hectic life of the Southern Californian metropolis. Coronado plays host to more than 2 million visitors each year who flock to the island to enjoy its world class beaches, resorts, and quaint small town. To get to the island from the mainland, visitors have to cross a meandering bridge that juts out over the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean. Once across the bridge, the small town of Coronado, a city of only 25,000 residents, greets them with award winning restaurants and high-end boutiques. Coronado, California hotels are among the best in the world, each offering unique features and amenities sure to please even the most discerning traveler. Below are some of the top Coronado, California hotels.

1. Hotel Del Coronado

No discussion about Coronado, California hotels can begin without placing the historic Hotel Del Coronado at the top. The hotel was constructed in 1888 and reflects the Victorian style of architecture of the period, featuring distinctive, terra cotta colored roofs, dotted with towering spires and scenic verandas. The hotel was designated a National Historic Landmark in the 1970s and today blends historic grandeur with 21st century luxury and amenities. The Hotel Del Coronado features a wide variety of rooms, ranging from small and cozy to expansive and extravagant. The rooms in the original part of the hotel exude Victorian charm, while newer rooms in the recently added multi-story tower are more modern, yet still decorated in a style that blends in with the rest of the hotel. More expensive rooms that include floor to ceiling windows and balconies in many of the suites offer stunning views of the pristine, white beaches and the azure Pacific Ocean. The hotel has also recently created what it calls its Beach Village, a collection of cottages that are three bedroom condominiums, featuring terraces, fireplaces, and unmatched views of the ocean. Visitors to the hotel can dine in several award winning restaurants, including 1500 Ocean, which features regional, Californian Cuisine, emphasizing the freshest ingredients from the land and the sea. One interesting tidbit about the Hotel Del Coronado is that it has a reputation for being haunted, a fact that makes it a must see tourist attraction for many vacationers.

2. 1906 Lodge

Also located on Coronado Island is the 1906 Lodge, a unique boutique hotel that has eclectic rooms that either overlook its lush courtyard gardens or the Pacific Ocean. This luxury hotel is popular with travelers and can be difficult to book since it only has 17 guest rooms and suites. Each room in the hotel is different, yet most offer spas, fireplaces, balconies, and large living areas. The rooms each have a different name and are designed to reflect a certain theme. The small staff is efficient and always willing to go the extra mile to make guests feel welcome and special. In the morning, guests are treated to an expansive breakfast buffet that can be enjoyed in the dining room or on the terrace that overlooks a lush, courtyard garden, teaming with local flowers and plants. The 1906 Lodge is also centrally located, only a short walk to Coronado’s central shopping district, restaurants, and other attractions. Located only minutes away from San Diego, the 1906 Lodge makes the perfect retreat for travelers who are looking for a unique and cozy hotel.

3. The Mansion at Glorietta Bay Inn

The Mansion at Glorietta Bay Inn occupies a piece of real estate located directly across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado, which places it less than a block away from downtown Coronado where most of the island’s shops and restaurants reside. The hotel is a converted mansion that dates to 1908, featuring original architectural features from the period such as a large, grand staircase, original chandeliers, and several small drawing rooms. The hotel’s collection of period furniture also lends to the stately ambiance. Rooms are quaint and luxuriously decorated, reflecting the architecture of the building. One downside is that less expensive rooms only have views of the parking lot rather than the ocean views that the more expensive rooms possess. Rooms feature modern amenities such as flat-screen, HD TVs and wet bars. The hotel also has a private pool on property that overlooks the ocean, making it the perfect place to relax for those seeking a little more privacy than the beach offers.

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