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Little Tikes Easel - Playtime is Creative With a Little Tikes Easel

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The Little Tikes Easel is a durable gift for any aspiring pint sized artist. It features a chalkboard on one side and a large pad of paper on the opposite side that is perfect for painting, coloring and drawing. Parents and kids alike love the built in art supply trays that prevent crayons and brushes from scattering on the floor. While this easel is great for artistic play time, there are many other creative uses for educational play with the Little Tikes Easel that your children will adore.

The General Store

Many young children like to pretend to be entrepreneurs and shop keepers in their imaginative play. The chalkboard can be used as a sign that announces the daily sales while your little one pretends to help shoppers try on clothes or shop for groceries. Encourage your child to practice counting out change or adding up the number of items you put in your shopping basket. Help them learn manners by referring to their customers as Sir and Ma’am and saying thank you after the shopping is complete.

Dinner is Served

Let your little five star chef serve up something delicious to eat. The Little Tikes Easel chalkboard can have a picture menu your child draws to show all of the wonderful foods you can choose from. Allow your child to bring you crackers and juice, and they will light up with smiles. This type of play not only encourages creativity, but teaches them the joys of serving up smiles.

Lemon Aid Stand

Every little kid loves to earn money, and using the Little Tikes Easel chalkboard as a sign to announce a Lemon Aid Stand or produce for sale from the family garden. Not only will you enjoy reliving memories from your own childhood with your child, but you can use this excellent learning opportunity to teach children about earning money and providing great customer service.

Show Time!<h/4>
Let your child draw a picture of a circus or scene from a play on the Little Tikes Easel notepad. Encourage them to dress up and act out the scene while the rest of the family enjoys the show. Pets can be performers too, as your little ring master showcases the amazingly wonderful tricks the family dog can do on command, or the whole family can get involved by having a mini talent show. Your child will love the attention and learn valuable planning skills.

Fine Art Gallery

Encouraging young children to try new art supplies is a great opportunity for creative expression. Have your child make a stack of their favorite art work. When they have ten pieces of art, help them tape them to the walls of their room. Make all of the family members dress up in their finest Sunday clothing and have a formal art show to showcase the talents of your budding artist. Be sure to take pictures with your digital camera, and write a review of the art show praising your child’s work. The next morning you can put this review on the table when you bring in the newspaper and watch their faces light up with smiles.

Expressing Emotions

Many small children have a hard time expressing how they feel, simply because their vocabulary is limited while their emotions are big. Get a notepad to hang on the Little Tikes Easel that is specifically for drawing about how they feel. Giving children an outlet for expressing their joys and frustrations will not only make them feel better, but also help you understand how your child is feeling from day to day.

Regardless of how your child uses their Little Tikes Easel, it will provide a wealth of creative opportunities that the whole family can be part of. Giving young children an artistic outlet encourages creative thinking and allows them to express themselves. These ideas are just a few of the many possibilities of ways that the Little Tikes Easel can make rainy day play a whole lot of fun.

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