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Classic Car Insurance Uk - How To Purchase Classic Car Insurance In The United Kingdom

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Your classic car is finally ready to hit the road, and your beauty has a series of classic car events to go to. You need insurance, and if you haven’t purchased classic car insurance, UK, you need to get cover now.

In order to get classic UK car insurance, you have to be sure that you do, in fact, own a car that is considered classic, as defined by the UK Revenue and Customs Government. That would be a car that is worth more than ₤15,000 pounds and is 10 years old or older.

It is very important to purchase classic car UK insurance from an insurance company that has special provisions for classic cars, because going with a standard auto insurance company may create a problem when and if a claim needs to be filed. Some standard companies will not guarantee that if a loss is incurred, the value of your car will be replaced. Unlike UK classic car insurance agents specializing in classic cars, standard automobile insurance companies may not have a special category for classic cars and simply do not have a total understanding of collectible cars and the difference in appreciation value as compared to a standard car. They may not get the fact that special classic cars need original replacement parts, and deny you the privilege of using a garage that supplies them.

What Makes a Classic Car Eligible for Classic UK Car Insurance?
As noted, an automobile in the UK must be 10 years old, although there are some classic insurance UK companies that will allow for cars five years or older.

The automobile must be a second car and never a primary auto for transportation. Other factors that might tie in include how the classic car is stored, as well as the driver’s record.

If you drive your classic vehicle on a daily basis, you will be disqualified from UK classic car insurance. Classic car insurers will often restrict driving mileage to 1,500 – 6,000 miles a year, and the lower the mileage, the lower the premium.

If you add features to your classic car in order to take part in car rallies, shows or other activities, this too could disqualify you for any type of classic car insurance, UK. Most classic car UK insurance companies will cover events, rallies and shows, as long as they are run by a recognized company. However, most UK classic car insurance companies will not offer cover if you plan to race your car for any reason. There are a few UK classic car insurance companies that will allow you to test the engine of your auto on a race track, but there can be no racing with other autos or racing of any kind the day you test your engine.

Some classic car insurance, UK companies will require the driver be 21 years old or older. This does vary among different classic UK car insurance companies. Some will allow for younger licensed drivers, while other will not grant insurance if the driver has not reached 21 years.

When a classic car is rated for insurance, the car is assessed and a value is determined and agreed upon by you and the classic UK car insurance company. This means if your vehicle is destroyed, the claim will refund you for the agreed upon amount not the ‘market value’ of your classic auto. This often works in favor of the classic car owner.

Classic Car Insurance Benefits
If you qualify for classic car insurance, UK, there are several benefits. It is a very cost-effective, because most classic car insurance companies will offer substantial discounts, and premiums end up being a fraction of what you would pay for a standard automobile policy. You will also receive other services like roadside breakdown aid
windscreen replacement and refurbishing services. You can also add cover for the unique number plate on your classic auto.

Should You Need to File a Claim
If your classic car is involved in an accident, like any other type of automobile cover, you must immediately stop and follow the proper procedures of checking to make sure no one is injured, obtain information from the other driver regarding name, address, etc. You must also give the other party involved your pertinent information, including your UK classic car insurance policy information. Also make sure you get any witness contact information and try to take a photo of the scene or write down details as best you can. Call your classic car insurance, UK as soon as you can. Always have your Certificate of Insurance in your automobile in the event a mishap occurs.

If your classic car was robbed or stolen, report it immediate to the police followed by a call to your classic UK car insurance and report the crime.

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