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Cheap Cancun Vacation - For a Heavenly Destination, Try a Cheap Cancun Vacation

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Having a cheap Cancun vacation does not mean you have to miss out on all the attractions. Cancun is a blast of sun and fun under any budget. You can see, eat, and do as much as the travelers with deep pockets, if you know where to go.

Budget Accommodations
From the budget traveler’s point of view the choices are plenty for a cheap vacation in Cancun. Since Cancun is on the hostel and backpacker circuit there several choice for low cost places to stay. Keep in mind the hostels provide the basics, so if you want more, you will spend more. With hundreds of people coming in and out year round the prices will make a cheap Cancun vacation stay reasonable. Advance bookings are essential during the peak months of July-September. These hostels are located throughout the city, from the downtown, the historic center, and to the beach. If you would rather be close to sun and sea of the Zona Hotelera (hotel district), Hostel Mayapan is a good option for your cheap cancun vacation. The Cancun Nest at Calle Alcatraces 4 is one of best hostel deal is located downtown at $10 per person for a dorm type bed. You can always check cheap ticket and accommodation websites for deals that include a cheaper hotel.

Should a hostel not be enough for you and possibly your family, there are several hotels that are quite inexpensive. Some of the least expensive places are found downtown. Hotel Antillano, Hotel Banana and Hotel Caribe International are ones that fit the cheap bill. Hotel Tankah and Hotel Alux seem to be two of the safest and least expensive downtown. A lot of places allow children for free or for a small prices around $20. Remember that prices vary with season and availability. Keep an eye out for deals that include breakfast and or meals along with your hotel.

Cheap Food & Drink
Cooking your own meals is a great option and some hostels will offer a small kitchen to do so in. However, most hostels without kitchenettes offer decently price cafes, but should you adventure down town there are a few more options. If you focus on simple corner bars with plastic tables and chairs, on your cheap Cancun vacation, you should be able to find a decently priced, yet filling meal and drink. Cancun Island is a major part of the beach party culture at night. So, you can find cheaper foods and beverages in that mix, but be careful and never travel alone.

Cancun offers a flavor for everyone. If you are interested in local cuisine you could try Los Almendros that offers traditional Yucatecan or El Mexicano for true Mexican cooking in a 19th century hacienda and do not forget Perico’s for a live Mariachi music. Besides Mexican cuisine Italian, Chinese, Sea Food, Yucatan, American, French, German, Canadian, British, Arabian, Mediterranean and other styles can be found. Should your tastes be for something familiar, your cheap Cancun vacations can find a McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Pizza Hut.

Top 5 Cheaper Attractions and Sightseeing Opportunities

The beach is the ultimate place to go on any cheap Cancun vacation. Bahia Mujeres is located on the north end of the island. The waters here are shallower, perfect for swimming, and you find your day sheltered from the wind. Playa Tortuga, Playa Caracol, and Playa Delfines are the major public beaches that still allow you the breathtaking views. Eastern beaches, like Playa Ballenas and Punta Nizuc open up to the Caribbean, but the waters here change quickly, so keep an eye on safety flags.

Mexico Kan Tours offers a tours of the cultural and natural world of Cancun. They have the cheapest and best rated tours available for cheap vacations in Cancun. Their tour sites include Tulum, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cenotes, and many more. Plus, they help you find options like eco-tours, kitesurfing/boarding, and paddle surfing.

Faro Celerain Eco Park, also called Punta Sur, is a large ecological park full of coastal dunes, mangroves, reefs, lagoons, beaches, and even a lighthouse museum. You can get a all day pass for around ten dollars per person. Since you can spend days just seeing everything, this can be a great portion of your cheap vacation in Cancun.

Sian Ka’an is a one million acre biosphere reserve that can be toured by foot or by boat. This is an all day trip will cost about $70 a person, but it is all day and you can see everything from Mayan ruins to crocodiles and lagoons.

Hidden World Cenotes Park is an unforgettable park that lets you experience nature in a whole new way. This cheap Cancun vacation park offer zip-lines, rappelling, snorkeling, and jungle transportation. All of this for less than $70 a person.

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