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Manhattan Ny Hotels - How to find the right Manhattan, NY Hotels

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New York City is one of the most impressive places in the world, and thousands of people visit every week. With the city in such high demand from abroad, it figures that there are many Manhattan, NY hotels that can suit the needs of travelers. As a large and diverse city, New York has plenty of different offerings. There are fancy hotels, new hotels, old hotels, and unique hotels. There are options for every possible price range that a prospective visitor might have. How to find Manhattan, NY hotels is to start by assessing your needs and going from there.

The elite Manhattan, NY hotels
For some people, the budget is a small concern and comfort if the most important thing. These folks want to stay somewhere that is nice and they want to be treated like kings when they’re in the city. For these folks, there are plenty of Manhattan, NY hotels to go around. The Plaza and the Ritz Carlton are two of the long-standing Manhattan classics, and they provide a level of service that is top of the line. There are newer options that have hit Manhattan in recent years, though. The InterContinental Hotel opened recently and it has become one of the new, elite Manhattan, NY hotels for people with big needs.

For those who want luxury but need a slightly lower price, it pays to consider the New York City Marriott Downtown and the Embassy Suites in Downtown. Both of these Manhattan, NY hotels cater to high-end guests, but they lack the huge prices that are customary at the city’s finest spots.

The unique Manhattan, NY hotels
Some people want an experience that is not so cookie-cutter. Though the really nice Manhattan, NY hotels provide great service and incredible rooms, some folks would rather stay in a hotel that has a distinct identity. For these people, there are some great NYC offerings to consider. The first is the Library Hotel, which has become known for its unique approach to customer service. The staff is friendly and the rooms are nice, but there is one thing that makes this hotel stand out from the pack. It features a different themed room for every guest and there are many classic books waiting in that room for guests to enjoy.

Likewise, the Chelsea Hotel is one of those Manhattan, NY hotels that has developed its own identity over the years. The Chelsea is great because of just how eccentric it is. The hotel is decorated in a modern style, but there is a bit of traditional class evident, as well. On top of that, this hotel has been the stopping point for many of the world’s most famous artists, musicians, and cultural stars. It could be described as one of the Manhattan. NY hotels that brings class and dignity to the table in a different way than most.

The Hudson Hotel is one of the most modern Manhattan, NY hotels and it continues to be a popular choice. They seek to cater to the chic individuals who want to see NYC from the eyes of a young, urban professional. This hotel stands out not only because of its modern decor, but also because it provides a wide range of room offerings. Its sky terrace and apartment-style rooms offer striking views of the city and provide the perfect place to take in New York the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

The smaller, quaint Manhattan, NY Hotels
The Jumeirah Essex House is one of the Manhattan, NY hotels that works for those who want a smaller experience. The cool thing about hotels like this one is that you can be treated in a personal way by the staff there. You will have everything that you could need and you won’t have to put up with the difficulties associated with larger resorts. This matters to many travelers who would rather just stay under the radar on their trip to NYC.

No matter the preference, there are Manhattan, NY hotels to suit everyone. Using the major travel sites and the hotel websites directly, individuals should be able to find good deals on these popular and effective New York City hotels.

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