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Art Institute Washington - The Art Institute of Washington: A Birthplace of Opportunity

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The Art Institute (AI) of Washington, a branch of the Atlanta, Georgia, Art Institute, sits snugly in the Rosslyn suburb of historic Arlington, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Awarding Associates and Bachelors degrees in both visual and practical arts, the Washington Art Institute upholds the AI tradition well.

Auspicious Beginnings
Arlington, VA, once composed part of the nation’s capitol. In 1790, the colonial city thrived within the .30-mile section of land Congress delineated as national property on both sides of the Potomac. When the government’s national seat moved from Philadelphia to Washington, DC, on December 1, 1800, Arlington’s importance grew.

The Virginia part of that national center designation was returned to the state’s control in 1846, but Arlington’s epicenter impact continues today, housing the Pentagon, America Online, Gannett/USA Today, the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Art Institute of Washington, a branch of AI of Atlanta.

Financial Aid
Paying for any education can be difficult. Between course cost, books, living expenses, and pocket money, few students can “foot the bill” independently. Fortunately, The Art Institute of Washington assists students in obtaining funding to further their education.

From evaluating need to finding adequate funding and guiding students through the loan, grant, and scholarship process, The Art Institute of Washington encourages students efforts to attend this world-class institution. Counselors avail themselves to every student and guide the application process, lend helping hands over hurdles, and steady the student every step of the way—including recommending effective budgeting of funds.

Employment and Career Counseling
Art Institute of Washington students can receive input regarding on-campus job opportunities that may supplement both the education path and meeting of expenses, in addition to off-campus employment opportunities that may arise. Frequent communication is highly encouraged even before stepping foot on campus for the first time. Career Services advisors constantly scour the community and elevate local awareness of the school, enlarging its’ students’ opportunity horizons.

From assistance in developing effective resumes to coordinating quarterly showings and trade shows, the Career Services Department works diligently and unceasingly to bring students and future employers together.

Once enrolled in the desired degree program, the AI of Washington student enjoy optimal teacher-to-student ratios with small, 20-to-1 classes that enable closely guided learning experiences. The full-time and part-time instructors are experts in their fields and leaders of the community. Constantly evaluated, the men and women teachers strive to exceed expectations and industry standards.

Washington AI’s Department of Student Affairs oversees on-campus housing assignments, campus activities, disability services, counseling, and other activities. Coordination between the department and students maximizes successful study and degree completion, as well as greatly enhancing the student’s overall experience with the school and the surrounding environment. The Washington Art Institute encourages the student to get involved in community activities, enabling a well-rounded school experience.

Courses of Study
AI of Washington offers three basic levels of completion certificates or degrees: Diplomas, Associate degrees, and Bachelors degrees, depending on the chosen career path.

Diplomas are awarded for successful completion of Advertising Design, Digital Design, Video Skills, Web Design, Wine, Spirits & Beverage Management, and Culinary Arts (Baking & Pastry), as well Commercial Photography.

Associates in Arts degrees are awarded for course completion of Culinary Arts, Web Design & Interactive Media, Graphic Design, Photographic Imaging, and Video Production.

Washington Art Institute students earn Bachelor of Science degrees in Food & Beverage Management and in Culinary Arts Management.

Bachelor of Arts degrees are won with successful completion of courses in Advertising, Audio Production, Visual & Game Production, and Fashion & Retail Management.

Students completing Washington AI’s Digital Film-making & Video Production, Graphic Design, Game Art & Design, Interior Design, Photographic Imaging, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Web Design & Interactive Media, and Media Arts & Animation earn Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees.

Whether a student leans toward cakes, capes, or computers, an education at the Art Institute of Washington provides multiple certificate or degree opportunities within a few months or four-year time span that can carry a graduate into a rewarding and challenging future.

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