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Books On Tape Or Cd - Why are Books on Tape or CD so Popular

audio titles offer reading

Instead of reading books, many people are now listening to books on tape or CD. While it is true that many people like to read, most do not have the time to read as much as they would have liked. For those with busy schedules, sitting down and reading a good book can be a luxury itself, something that they can do only during a vacation. That is why, books on tape or CD have become so popular and sought after today.

Listening to books on tape or CD have become so attractive that almost all genre of books are converted to audio formats and available at online stores, book stores as well as libraries. Ranging from the latest bestselling titles to biography, classics, fiction, history, mystery, non- fiction, personal achievement, romance and science fiction, books on tape or CD can be rented, purchased or downloaded onto iPhones, iPod and MP3 players or burnt to CDs.

Top six reasons why books on tape or CD are so popular today:

Books on tape or CD are ideal for those with busy schedules or hectic lifestyles.
Reading enriches the mind and provides inspiration; and with audio books, listening is also able to achieve similar results. By turning on a CD book in the car, one can enjoy a good book while driving to work or sending the children to school. Personal achievement audio books are perfect to start the day with, enabling listeners to be inspired and motivated when driving to work. Audio books can also be a relaxing treat during a quiet lunch break at the office especially when one can sit back, close one’s eyes and be transported to another world by the soothing voice of the reader.

Books on tape or CD bring the joy of ‘reading’ to the visually impaired.
Audio books bring the rich world of literature to those who are physically disabled, may it be those with reading difficulties, visual impairment or those who are illiterate. The National Federation of Blindness (NFB) projected that the number of people becoming legally blind caused by genetics, disease or age is increasing; NFB projected that by 2015, there will be about 1.6 million seniors affected by some form of visual impairment. Books on tape or CD offer solace and comfort to individuals who have lost their precious sight at later stages in life, enabling them to enjoy their favorite hobby and help them retain their independence.

Books on tape or CD are affordable
There are numerous online sites with free downloadable audio books, offering great classic titles as well as latest bestsellers. Audio books can also be rented from libraries that have substantially stocked up their shelves with audio titles n the past few years. Certain online sites also offer membership privileges that come with certain number of downloadable audio books with a modest monthly fee.

Books on tape or CD are mobile and handy
One can listen to a good book while exercising in the park, running on a treadmill or even while doing gardening or cooking. Instead of lugging bulky hard cover books on a vacation, books on tape or CD can be downloaded onto one’s mobile phone, laptop, iPod or MP3 player and can be carried along anywhere.

Books on tape or CD feature professional readers
Readers play a great part in the popularity of books on tape or CD today. The voice of the reader is the essential ingredient that elevates the status of the audio book to become an almost unique genre of its own. A reader’s well articulated and expressive voice adds character and ‘life’ to the book; it can enhance a book’s literary attributes and enrich the listener’s experience.

Books on tape or CD offer unpublished titles
Audio books offer thousands of titles that are not available on the book shelves. A listener has access to so many more options and is able to listen to books written by unpublished writers. Due to the complex mechanism of the publishing industry, many talented writers have not been given the opportunity to get their works published. Books on tape or CD provide unpublished writers an avenue to get their works noticed as well as offer listeners a whole range of available literature on various topics that they are not able to obtain from bookstores.

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