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Memory Foam Pads - Memory Foam Mattress Pads are the Best Choice for Comfort

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Memory foam mattress pads, also called pillow top mattress pads, are thin pads made to overlay a mattress for extra comfort and support. Memory foam pads are made of visco-elastic foam. At room temperature, this foam molds to the shape of the body and holds form until the pressure is relieved, although it does “remember” the shape and can hold an impression for several seconds after pressed. Then, it slowly springs back to its full thickness.

Memory foam, also known as “temper foam” or “slow release foam,” was developed in Sweden for NASA in the 1960s for use during extreme G-forces. The foam distributes pressure evenly across a surface.

Memory foam mattress pads are the most popular form of mattress toppers. Lately, cheaper methods of production have made memory foam more easily available. It is also commonly used in pillows, mattresses, footwear and cushions. Mattresses made of memory foam are quite expensive, starting at around $2,000. They are denser than regular mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are more supportive, but they are also heavier. A common problem among owners of memory foam mattresses is the body becoming too hot during the night. The foam absorbs heat from the body and holds it against the person. Some mattress toppers are made to alleviate that problem. Egg crate toppers have pockets of air so that the foam can breathe, making it easy for air to circulate and heat to escape. Some toppers come with a special cover that wicks sweat away for regulation of temperature, though these cost more. Memory foam mattress pads provide a much cheaper alternative to replacing a mattress. These toppers provide the comfort of a memory foam mattress at a fraction of the cost. Foam pads range from $50 to $600 for a queen size mattress. Many toppers are less than $100, even for king size mattresses. The thicker the pad, the higher the cost, though the comfort level is arguably about the same regardless of thickness, which is usually between 2 and 6 inches.

Memory foam pads adjust to your shape. They distribute weight evenly across the whole mattress, minimizing motion and making your partner less likely to notice movement. Because of the even distribution of weight, sufferers of joint pain won’t experience painful pressure on one certain spot. Memory foam supports the joints by molding to body shapes. Foam pads are ideal for those with arthritis and even those with regular aches and pains. Memory foam mattress pads eliminate the need to choose between a comfortable, soft mattress and a supportive, hard mattress because they add their own softness and support simultaneously.

Some of the most well-known manufacturers of memory foam mattress pads are Serta, Isotonic, Tempur-Pedic, and Therapedic. For those with allergies, some companies offer hypoallergenic or anti-bacterial toppers. Most come with a cover made of cotton or similar fabric that can be removed and washed in a washing machine. Purchasers of memory foam toppers may notice a strong, unpleasant odor emanating from the new pad when first removed from the box. It is recommended that the pad be aired out for a couple of days if this odor is troubling. The varieties of pads with removable covers generally emit less odor. Over time, memory foam toppers can lose fullness, and thus they need to be turned occasionally. After several years, the pad may not spring back into shape as quickly as it did at first. Most pads come with a warranty or trial period.

Some people worry that buying a new mattress topper will force them to buy all new sheets. Pillow top pads go underneath fitted sheets. If the pad purchased is near the lesser end of thicknesses available, buying new sheets probably won’t be necessary. If it is extremely thick, it could cause a need for fitted sheets made with deeper pockets.

All things considered, if someone has a mattress in fair condition, buying a memory foam mattress pad is the most reasonable option. Even two inches of thickness makes for a much better night’s sleep as the body sinks into the foam as if in a cloud yet still securely supported. Though easily arisen from, one may never wish to get up!

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