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How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent in Liverpool

Liverpool is situated 219 miles North-West of London, 103 miles North-West of Birmingham and 35 miles west of Manchester. Located near the banks of River Mersey a well know industrial hub and a huge shipping port, Liverpool has lots of stunning waterfront properties.

Liverpool is a vibrant city in Britain, fast growing and stunning. The city is so diverse that it has something for everyone; there are immense opportunities for enjoying the beauty of the city and make a decent living. Earlier Liverpool was notorious for their left wing politics, high unemployment rates and strife within the city. However, over the years, tourism has been booming and foreign tourists have been pouring in. The places that attract people to this city are the rich and enviable historical and architectural areas. The city is dotted with unpretentious pubs, enormous art galleries and several generations of musical bands.

The price of a 3-bedroom town house with a good garden and situated in a residential area will cost around 115 pounds. The average price of a house is £122,446. A detached house will cost £241,295, a semi-detached house around £156,863; you get a terraced house for £93,414 and flats for £111,594. The prices of the houses are high when compared to the prices last year, but they are expected to stabilize within the next few months. The market for property was low in the last few months with sellers outnumbering the buyers. New loans were granted, but they were almost 12% higher than what was offered this time the previous year. Another reason for major slump in the sales can be attributed to the drastically cold weather and reintroduction of the old stamp duty. First time homebuyers are however exempt from paying the stamp duty and this has facilitated the real estate market a little bit. The real estate Liverpool market sunk to an all time low during the bank crisis. The banking crisis was the main reason for the slump in the UK market too. It brought down the value of homes by about 20%. The Government policies centering on low interest rates had salvaged the situation to a certain extent. This saved the day for millions of homeowners who were on the brink of losing out their homes and hefty mortgage rates and even repossession.

There are so many real estate Liverpool agents whose services you can demand. Enlisting the services a local real estate agent has its own benefits. You can talk with a number of agents before you decide on an agent. They have all the experience and will be a great help if you have to make a local buy in Liverpool. They are quite experienced with the changing trends in the real estate market and will be able to quote a realistic value of your property. Hiring a real estate Liverpool agent will also take care of your marketing and advertising needs. They are so capable in their job, that they can negotiate a sale for you by making sure they have your best interests at heart.

If you prefer to buy newly built houses, apartments or other kinds of properties in real estate Liverpool, then a good real estate agent will guide on the new developments in the city. There are constant additions every week and you can buy a piece property even before the house is built on it. You can get an idea of the finished property from the agents and if satisfied, you can buy these properties from them. The agents can include you in their mailing list so that you will be informed of new site plans and finished homes.

Relocating to a new place is always a painful experience. Though it sounds exciting, the actual process is very cumbersome and often backbreaking. There is the hassle of packing up stuff and handling them so that nothing breaks. Professional movers are the best choice for moving stuff from place to place. There are honest, dependable and low budget movers and packers. There are also a number of local movers in Liverpool and it is possible to get a quote from all of them to know which company will suit your requirements the best. You should not only compare quotes but also read reviews on the various movers and take your pick from them. There are movers that can fit all budgets.

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