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Cruises To Caribbean - 6 Ways to Have Wonderful Cruises to the Caribbean

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When a person begins to plan a vacation, there are many choices of things to do and places to go. Everyone wants to make the best use of those precious days and get the most value for their money. One of the very finest vacation choices for a single, a couple or a whole family is to go on a cruise to the Caribbean. Once the decision has been made to do that, there are 6 things do that will enhance your trip and help you to have the very best cruise to the Caribbean that you can possibly have.

1. Decide which of the cruises to the Caribbean is right for you. Cruise lines make trips to three distinctly different areas. Some cruises are to the eastern Caribbean while others are to the western Caribbean and still others go to the islands in the southern Caribbean. To help you decide which islands you would most like to visit, use books, magazines and other resources at either a local bookstore or the public library, or go online and search on the Internet for the information you need. Using these resources, decide which cruise would most nearly match your dream trip.

2. Select the cruise lines that go to the Caribbean and the specific ships that you think you would most enjoy. Friends and relatives are often a good source for this information. Travel books and websites also have reviews of every ship afloat. Some cruise lines, such as Disney, specialize in trips for the whole family, with an emphasis on children. Crystal and Seaborn provide more luxury at a higher cost. Royal Caribbean has some of the largest ships with the most amenities. Holland America, among other things, stresses their good service. Spend some time investigating these different features. There are other lines, such as Princess, Norwegian and Celebrity that should also be considered.

3. Get the best possible price. While you are on your cruise, it is fun to know that you paid a bargain price for your tickets. You will have gotten a good deal if you purchase your tickets from a travel agent or online for a price that is less than what the cost would have been if you had dealt directly with the cruise lines to the Caribbean. Cruises that sail within 90 days of the time when the tickets are purchased often have additional discounts. Some agencies will give a special onboard credit of $100 or more, which will lower your overall cost. Sometimes, one can get you a free upgrade to a more expensive cabin.

4. Take advantage of every opportunity while on your cruise to the Caribbean. Order some foods in the dining room that you never ate before. If you don’t like them, you waiter will bring you something else. Participate in many of the shipboard activities. Attend some of the enrichment seminars. Do things you haven’t done before. You will enjoy being part of the action. In port, either go on ship-sponsored excursions or sightsee on your own. You may never return to these ports, so you need to see them now. Show good judgment and don’t risk missing the departure of your ship. Cruise ships have a strict schedule to keep.

5. At a minimum, get an outside stateroom. For those with the resources to do so, booking a suite provides extra enjoyment and comfort. Having a stateroom with a veranda, or balcony, is less expensive than a suite, but that will also enhance your cruise experience. Plan to at least get an outside room with a window. The view, the natural light and the ability to see outside at night all add to the enjoyment of your cruise.

6. There are some things not to do that will help you have a better time while on your cruise to the Caribbean. Don’t over pack for your trip. Dress on shipboard tends to be casual. Some lines no longer have formal dress dinners. Don’t cut the time too close for when you arrive to board your ship. Airplanes are often late. There can be delays when traveling by automobile. How horrible it would be to miss your ship’s sailing.

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