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Santa Cruz Homes For Sale - Finding Santa Cruz Homes for Sale

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With housing markets on a down trend and mortgage interest rates at all time lows, many people are finding that now is the right time to purchase their first home. While some people are looking for their first home, investors are looking for markets that are hot and in-demand. Whether you are in the market for your first home or are looking for a second home as an investment opportunity, you will find very few markets that are as hot as Santa Cruz California. Santa Cruz homes for sale offer the potential buyer almost every range and style of home that exists on the market. If you are a new up and coming professional that has just landed their first job, there are homes that are available that are less than five hundred square feet, which is perfect for one or two people. However, for those that are settled in their careers and looking to start a family, there are mid range homes from one thousand square feet available as well. Finally, for those who want to spare no expense, there is luxury that abounds in the quaint ocean front community of Santa Cruz.
Small and Cozy
Quaint and cozy may be the style and within the budget for those who are just starting out. Homes such as this usually start out around $200 per square foot and range anywhere from 350 – 800 square feet per home. For those looking at small Santa Cruz homes for sale, he or she may want to preview homes within the downtown area such as 38th Avenue, which has a two bedroom, two bathroom house for sale. This home tops out at slightly over 800 square feet, and with a price of $169000, the house is marked to sell. It features a contemporary design with black appliances and wood grain cabinetry in the kitchen, and the ever hard to find two bathrooms, which are uncommon for this size of a home. If this home sounds a bit small, you may want to look in to the mid-range homes for sale.
Mid-range Santa Cruz homes for sale are located throughout the city and can be priced from $300 – $1000 per square foot. These homes are more pricey due to the simple fact that their lot size is increased. An average size home on Volz Lane features a contemporary designed home that has been updated with top of the line components and appliances. It is a three bedroom, two bath home that is almost 1300 square feet and is priced out at a reasonable $486 per square foot. This home is perfect for the professional household that is looking to start a family or an existing family that needs an upgrade from their current smaller home. However, if you have found that perfect job that puts you in the upper five percent of earners, you may want more luxury in your life.
Luxury Homes
For those who spare no cost, there are a few luxury Santa Cruz homes for sale in a variety of different places throughout the city. One of the more luxurious homes is situated on the breath-taking Opal Cliffs of Santa Cruz, giving one miles of space and blue ocean to gaze at. This home has five full bedrooms along with four and one-half bathrooms and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This home is luxurious and features over 3000 square feet of heated space while priced at over $1700 per square foot. The home is adorned with tile, granite and marble counter-tops, and the most stylish appliances of the present. The grounds around the home feature an in-ground pool as well as steps that lead down the cliffs to a beach front lot. For those who have no budget, this house is surely a head turner. There are Santa Cruz homes for sale that will meet almost any budget and profession. With a little bit of searching, you can find a home to meet your needs.

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