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Grand Canyon Vacation Packages - Great Vacation Packages for Grand Canyon Trips

reaching the canyon the majestic sky walk

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You got to see it to believe it. Being one of the most awe inspiring sights in this world, it gets a lot of tourists from across the world. There’s more to Grand canyon than meets the eye. As such, a Grand canyon trips can only be made memorable if you stay in a great hotel.

Grand canyon is literally choked full with tourists year round. So, you need to plan carefully how you intend to spend this vacation. Choosing a Grand canyon resort can be a pain since there are many choices on offer. Here is a guide to make your trips to Grand canyon an experience worth remembering:

Reaching the Canyon

You wouldn’t want to waste time reaching the canyon. Make sure you plan your travel properly and book your rooms months in advance. This way you’ll not be stranded when you reach Arizona. Most of the Grand canyon resorts offer online booking and list their fares and services clearly on their websites. Compare the quotes of various resorts and choose according to your budget. You can also reach canyon through a historic train ride of 65 miles.

Once you are at the Grand canyon, you can explore it in three ways. Ask your hotel staff if they provide travelers with any of the three facilities.

Trekking: Nothing Beats the Old-School Foot Journey

Grand canyon is an excellent place to trek due to the adventurous path created by the Colorado River. You can leisurely walk along the cliff edges and occasionally pause to savor the scenery. You can look at the Grand canyon from any angle, and you’ll always be left breathless by its beauty. There are pathways that lead to the bottom of the canyon. You can trek on these paths and feel the rough surface of the soaring cliffs. Grand canyon trips are all about admiring the deep and cavernous cuts carved on the rocks by the mighty river. Most Grand canyon resorts offer trekking trips and provide the required gear.

Enjoying a Bird’s Eye View in a Helicopter

To best savor the panoramic scenery of the Grand canyon, you have to view it form up top. And helicopter trips provide just that. You can easily book a helicopter through your Grand canyon resort. The unobstructed views seen from a helicopter are a great opportunity to capture the canyon’s beauty on a video camera. Some helicopter companies even allow you to land on canyon’s floor and experience it from ground zero. Choose a helicopter that has its seats facing forward offering panoramic views. You can also book a low flying high winged aircraft to fly through the Grand canyon. Ask your Grand canyon resort about the type of flying services they provide.

The Majestic Sky Walk

The west rim of the Grand canyon has a unique attraction. It is called ‘sky walk’ and features a U shaped deck made of glass. It extends 70 ft from canyon’s rim and hangs 4,000 ft above the Grand canyon Floor. You can walk on the glass and look below to admire this natural wonder. This is not for the faint hearted. However, some of the best views await you on the sky walk. Grand canyon trips are incomplete without the ‘sky walk’.

Colorado River White Water Rafting Trip

The mighty Colorado River makes its way through the rocky, curvy Grand canyon cliffs. The river offers an excellent opportunity to undertake river rafting. The speed of the water can vary according to the geographic location. Most Grand canyon resorts will arrange a river rafting expedition for you complete with the gear and the professionals. This is where you’ll truly admire the power of the river which carved such a beautiful structure from mere rocks.

Grand canyon trips are known to be a lifetime experience. A resort can only add to the experience. The above mentioned services are mere indicators. As I said, there’s more to Grand canyon than meets the eye. Choose your Grand canyon resort with utmost care.

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