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Mens Linen Suits - Wearing and Maintaining Men’s Linen Suits

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The fibers of the flax plant make a textile known as linen. Linen requires a lot of labor when manufacturing but the garments made from it can be very valuable. Linen has an exceptional quality of maintaining freshness and coolness in hot climate. Some of the old textiles in the world include linen because its history goes back thousands of years. Mens linen suits are very popular because they are good conductors of heat and very absorbent. If you try to touch linen you will realize that it feels cool and comfortable. Linen is a strong fabric, two times stronger than cotton, so it will last longer. It does not stretch and is resistant to any damage from abrasion. This means when you invest in a linen suit for men, the expense is worthwhile. Linen suits are lint free because the fabric is smooth and amazingly, they get softer the more they are washed. They wrinkle easily because they have poor elasticity and can not spring back readily.

A Mens linen suit usually comes in natural colors because the fabric is known to have a high natural luster. Grey, ivory and tan are some of these natural colors. Heavy beaching is a process used to get pure white linen. The linen suits for men range from being smooth and soft to rough and stiff. This is because the fabric has a thin as well as thick character with a textured and crisp feel to it.

How should you wear your linen suit? Linen clothes look good when worn with other natural fabrics for example wool, silk or cotton. Linen shirts that are short sleeved go well with linen pants or jeans. Suits for men should not be worn in the office. Linen wrinkles easily so after a day at the office, you are bound to look very unprofessional. They should only be worn during special occasions for example weddings, parties or summer dates. In fact, some people are of the opinion that linen suits are for vacations. Play it safe when matching a shirt to your linen suit. It should be a long sleeved silk, cotton or linen shirt in a color that complements the suit. For a beige or white linen suit, it is best to get a bright colored shirt. A darker linen suit with a muted toned shirt will give you a cool look. A mens linen suit is best for a person who does not like wearing ties because they are not necessary. A linen suit goes with any pair of shoes from slip-ons, sandals to canvas shoes. Amazing how you can also get away with not wearing any socks.

The more you wear linen, the more it will wrinkles making that a big disadvantage but there are ways of maintaining and caring for your linen suit. Linen pants as well as shirts can be washed using a machine in warm water or hand-washed. With repeated washing the wrinkles reduce because the fabric becomes softer. It is always a good idea to read the care labels on all garments. Stains are very normal on garments but the treatment depends on the source of the stain. When your linen garment is stained rub with cold water immediately or let it soak in detergent. Sometimes it is advised to try talcum powder or white vinegar on the stain. Mens linen suits should be taken to the dry cleaners. Freshly washed linen garments should air-dry.

A men’s linen suit can boast your summer wardrobe and you should have a few that vary in color and texture. Once you have matched them accordingly, you are going to look good although wearing linen suits for men requires effort from the wearer.

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