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New York Car Service - New York Car and Limousine Services: a guide to NYC Transit

ride subway taxis mass

The majority of native New Yorkers take advantage of New York City’s sophisticated mass transit system of busses and subways to navigate the five boroughs. However, if it were in the scope of their financial means, most of these frequent mass-transit patrons would happily switch to one of New York’s many car and limousine services for their preferred method of transportation. New York car service is more comfortable and efficient than mass transit, and limo service in New York provides not only the most luxurious, but also the most effective means of traveling around the metropolian area.

The subway and busses are indeed practical and affordable ($2.25, including free subway-bus transfer, and vice-versa), but each mode of transportation is flawed. A closer examination shows the immense difference in quality between New York car service, as well as the limo service in New York, and the mass transit. The busses, for instance, are very slow, stopping frequently to pick up passengers. A twenty minute ride from a New York limo service could easily take an hour on a New York bus. The seats are very close together on the bus, and if one’s fellow passengers do not employ good hygiene habits, the bus-ride will be extremely uncomfortable. The subways are far worse, in this respect. All manner of people ride the subway, which is rarely cleaned and becomes dirty and overcrowded. To be fair, the subway’s time schedule is well organized and efficient, with the trains arriving promptly; there’s a subway station near to every important destination in New York. The subway itself, however, is often unmanageable. In the sweltering summer months, the heat is stifling and no sane person would ride through the underground paths if they could afford not to. Generally, people ride the New York metro system out of financial necessity, not preference. Most prefer New York car service, and everyone prefers a limo service from New York.

Car ownership in New York, however, is actually the least financially viable option for any native New Yorker. Parking rates, alone, can often run as high as $500 per month, in select areas of Manhattan. Even people who commute to NYC from Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey opt to ride the LIRR or PATH trains, to save on garage and vehicle insurance fees.

Not surprisingly, then, after considering the exorbitant costs of car ownership, as well as the mass transit flaws, New York City car service and limo service in New York account for some of the town’s most profitable business. Taxis are in constant demand. Approximately 10,000 Yellow cabs travel about New York City, primarily in Manhattan, searching for fares. If the numbers on a taxi’s roof are lit, this signifies to everyone that the cab is free. Anyone can flag down the cab by simply raising his/her hand, and the cab will pull up immediately. Once inside the cab, the passenger simply informs the driver of any destination within the New York area, and the driver will go there. As with any New York car service, the taxi is required to drop off the passenger at the precise destination the passenger requests, within all five boroughs. That is car service, New York City style.

For this convenient car service, New York City taxis are more expensive than the busses and subway. The initial fare starts at $2.50 and increases with the length of the ride: $0.40 for every 1/5 mile and $0.40 for every 1 minute idle, as well as peak surcharges of $0.50-$1 and other expenses for tollbooths. These expenses can add up. A two mile ride can easily cost over $10 dollars, factoring in surcharges. A flat fare from Manhattan to JFK costs $45. Payment can now be processed through credit and debit cards, or with cash.

Despite their high costs, taxis are very pleasant; most New York cabs are air-conditioned and feature comfortable seats. The most comfortable taxis, however, are reserved for the higher-end town car and limo service in New York.

With these kinds of services, the passenger will call in, providing the town car or limo service with the New York destination, appropriate account information, and arrange a specific time for the car to arrive. Upon arrival, the car or limo will take the passenger to the precise destination. The Lincoln town cars are essentially luxury vehicles. The New York car service companies keep them immaculately clean, unlike taxis which, although far cleaner than the subway, can sometimes be a little filthy. The less expensive town cars are very similar to taxis. They are about the same size as taxis, but feature more comfortable, cleaner seats with more leg room.

The higher-end limousines, however, are extravagant vehicles. They cost up to $75 per hour, including gratuities, and feature TV sets, mini bars, plush seating and all the comforts that people associate with limos. Limo service in New York is extravagant, but a limo is most anyone’s peferred method of transportation.

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