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Ducane Natural Gas Grill - Finding the Right Ducane Natural Gas Grill

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Whether you are looking for an outdoor grill for the full swing of summer or an all weather grill, the Ducane natural gas grill may be just what you desire. The Ducane natural gas grills are perfect for those summer time cookouts and even during the winter where one may be grilling in an overcoat and gloves. There are many different options that one has when choosing a Ducane grill and by keeping a few things in mind, he or she will make the best purchase for their particular needs.
Small Grills
Of the Ducane natural gas grill lines, many people find that one of the smaller grills are perfect for their needs. Even the smaller size grills can hold enough food for hosting a party of up to ten people, which is the average number that many people tend to invite for small and intimate outdoor gatherings. For those looking for a grill that would accommodate food for up to ten people, the Ducane Affinity 3100 series natural gas grill is perfect. This grill features a set of three stainless steel cooking burners for an even distribution of heat throughout the grilling surface. Along with the triple burners, the grill uses porcelain-enameled plates to allow for even distribution of the heat from the burners. For those who cook meats that require constant temperatures, the Affinity 3100 features a built-in thermometer for its user to monitor temperatures while cooking. Never again risk the possibility of burns because this Ducane natural gas grill features an electronic ignition for ease of lighting. This grill is great for small orders and summer cookouts although there may be those who are looking for something a bit larger.
Larger Grills
If the need arises for a grill that has a larger surface than the grilling space of the 3100 series, he or she may look into the Affinity 4100 series, which is significantly larger than the 3100. The Ducane Affinity 4100 series is great for those cookouts where you are feeding the softball team or grilling larger volumes of food. The cooking unit has a sleek contemporary design and features, like the 3100, a porcelain-enameled plate for exemplary heat distribution, and utilizes four stainless steel burners to heat the large 526 square inch cooking area while keeping your cooked foods warm on the 167 square inch warming racks. Another great aspect of the 4100 Ducane natural gas grill is the fact that it has over 650 square inches of total cooking space as well as two attached side tables that are made from stain and scratch resistant material. The Ducane 4100 series also features two locking wheels as well as two swivel wheels to move the larger grill with ease. Like the 3100, the 4100 also has a built in thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the grill.
Two Great Models to Choose From
Both the 3100 and the 4100 Ducane natural gas grills are very popular and receive excellent reviews from their users. These grills are offered at any dealer of Ducane natural gas grills as well as other authorized brokers. The price range for these two models will run anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on what options that the potential buyer chooses. Although these are not the only models that are carried in the Ducane natural gas grill line, these are the most popular for home and backyard grilling. Both models are large enough to meet almost all residential needs that one could require while the more professional and commercial models are available for those who need grills for large gatherings of one hundred or more people. With some basic research and thought, your purchase of a Ducane natural gas grill will give you many years of lasting enjoyment and use.

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over 5 years ago

looking for natural gas small ducane with rotisserie to build in..had one many years ago and loved it