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Mens Italian Shoes - Mens Italian Shoes– Staying on Top of The Foot Game

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It is an acknowledged fact that Italian shoemakers are the best and finest in the world. Italian shoemakers or calzolaio treat the process of shoemaking more as a pursuit than an occupation at times approaching ritual.
These artisans are motivated by a passion for their product guided by generations of experience and passed-on knowledge and inspired by their individual creativity. Italian shoemakers are very discriminate when it comes to the materials they use, the process they follow and the innovative designs they give to each pair of mens shoes they create. Even mens Italian shoes made in a factory are of incomparable quality. “Technology, research, sophisticated machines, advanced quality control systems are everything a modern factory must have. Fundamentally, however, we remain artisans. It is luxury that demands and necessitates it.” So states Sergio Rossi, a leading Italian fashion designer and distributor of Italian mens shoes.

Mens shoes from Italy generates for the wearer a mark of distinction, good taste and quality; of that understated effortless attire and lifestyle and conveying a delicate symbol of comfort and elegance.

Luxury shoe maker Santoni claims that approximately 200 hours is spent on creating rare, handmade, customized and hand-painted pair of Italian shoes for men. Bontoni, a maker of handmade men’s dress shoes even produces fewer than 10 pairs a day taking 12 weeks to produce a pair of ready-made shoes and 5 months for a custom-made pair! Different processes differ from artisan to artisan, manufacturer to manufacturer. Some use the Bologna Process, the Blake Process and the Bentivegna Process while others use the Goodyear Process. The Goodyear Process (named after the machine that stitches the leather to the sole) allows for the ultimate comfort of the wearer. There are, not one, but two insoles which sandwich a cork blend liner. Over time, the cork blend liner will soften and shape itself to one’s feet.

There are a lot of manufacturers of Italian shoes for men from world-famous names like Salvatore Ferragamo, Santoni, Valentino (whose handcrafted shoes come with a certificate of authenticity signed personally by the calzolaio), Bruno Magli (made extra famous during the OJ Simpson trials), Cesare Paciotti (famous for its dagger logo). Bontoni has its Su Misura where a calzolaio and client work as one over a period of 5 months of 3 different sittings.

Mens shoes from Italy do not come in patent leather but in a wide range of materials, styles and design – suede loafers, leather monk strap, leather Chelsea boots, crocodile moccasin, suede brogue, etc., using a variety of materials or skins from calf leather, to kangaroo, deerskin, alligator, ostrich, peccary and teyus.

They are also not limited to formal or dress shoes either. Tod’s Group is famous for its line of driving shoes, Superga invented the 2750 Model of tennis shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, Geox patented the first breathable shoe, combining revolutionary breathable and waterproof technology with the distinctive Italian style. Lazzarini makes the famous Pantofola d’Oro wrestling boots and SIDI is world famous for its line of cycling shoes and motorcycle boots.

Every type of footwear comes with a catch and Italian shoes are no exception. With the craftsmanship, quality and intricate design that these shoes feature, they command a higher price than the usual run-of-the-factory types. A pair of A. Testoni luxury shoes commands a whopping $1,700! Paciotti shoes range from $300 to $470; Mezlan shoes from $250 to $600; Forzieri prices come between $350 and $550. This may be generally true for the world-famous brands but you can find a number of affordable Italian shoes for as low as $99 like Fiesco, Giorgio Barbini for $60 and some Zota pairs for $100. Paul Frederick averages $175 on the web.

The general thinking that custom-made Italian mens shoes cost a fortune more than the ready-made pairs may not really be true entirely. A recent article in a well known Italian magazine surmises that prices for a custom-made Italian shoe is similar to those of a good pair of industry-generated shoes and sometimes even less. The article suggested that instead of paying astronomical prices for a custom-made pair from well-known brands, you might seek out the same quality products at a more reasonable price of around $500. The article points that one can seek these skilled artisans whose laboratios are located in small centers, off the beaten track, and not in the commercial centers where rent weighs heavily on the price of the merchandise. So, if you’re travelling to Italy, you might want to consider including this on your itinerary.

The trick is to be active while shopping, whether online or otherwise. Do not buy the first pair you set eyes on as you can never exhaust the market for mens Italian shoes. Compare prices, brands, make and design before you buy. Do not limit your shopping options to a single store or single site but exercise highly selective shopping. More importantly, do not set your eyes on those designer shoes if you do not “designer” salary.

Some brands are better left on the pages of Cosmo or Vogue and fashion runways. However, if you really want that Italian craftsmanship look, you may opt for that “fake it till you became it” postulate. You may go for the mock-ups if you cannot afford that designer tag. Needless to say, the quality might also be a mock-up. There is still another option for those really going for the real deal. There are sites that sell pre-owned genuine Italian mens shoes where you can bid from as low as $22.

Italian shoes for men may be pricey, but considering everything that comes with it and everything you get from it, every cent is definitely worth it.

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