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Heavy Equipment Schools - Start a New Career With Heavy Equipment Schools

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Jobs working with heavy equipment are great for people who like to work with their hands. These types of jobs can be seasonal or year round and are always changing. Receiving training from a heavy equipment school can allow a mechanically inclined person to work on backhoes, tipping trucks, graders, or even heavy trucks like the one’s used on logging operations.

With any career, it’s important to know where to start, and applying to a heavy equipment school could be the first step that launches a new career. Many programs are offered online through colleges and allows students to work out their own schedules.

The types of jobs that can be pursued with a certificate or a degree in heavy equipment are diverse and unique. Heavy equipment mechanics repair all types of construction machines as well as machines used by other industries. Maintaining these machines is an important task, and these mechanics make sure the heavy equipment runs safety without breakdowns or other complications.

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS) is an association of heavy equipment schools that oversee the curriculum of programs all over the country. These programs are dedicated to preparing people for careers in heavy equipment operations. They maintain institutional standards and industry relations.

Programs that are NAHETS approved are relatively simple to find, seeing that it is the industry standard. Community colleges and online colleges offer courses, although with online courses its important to have hands on experience as well. The online course may require an internship. In most cases the program will offer a flexible schedule to fit the needs of the student who may have prior commitments like work or family.

Programs offered by NAHETS schools are designed by people in the industry and gives students everything they need to get started in a career. A typical program offered will have hands-on training in all pieces of heavy equipment. There is also a fair amount of in classroom training. The training will cover many subjects including: heavy equipment maintenance, soils, laser levels, site layouts and GPS Training.

Through out the program the student will learn how to maintain as well as operation many pieces of heavy equipment. Wheel loaders, scrapers and excavators will be covered in the first portion of the class as well as basics like oil changes and electrical mechanics. Later in the program the student will become familiar with road graders and all-terrain forklifts as well as many other types of heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment schools offer training in a fast growing career. These jobs offer benefits and the prospects are good. Along with benefits like health and dental, heavy equipment workers make around $21.08 per hour. This is according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008. When a heavy equipment mechanic specializes in a certain piece of heavy machinery they have the opportunity to make even more. Going through a program with hands-on training will get a worker ready to jump into the field.

With so many options at local community colleges and training schools, it’s simple to make the career switch into a growing and fast-paced career such as construction or heavy equipment maintenance. The work can be seasonal for people with family obligations, or it can be year round for those who want the year round paycheck. These types of jobs are also needed everywhere so families or people that need to move often are also well served by a career in heavy equipment.

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