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Save Money and the Planet With Reliant Robin Cars

Reliant cars produced by the Reliant Motor Company was founded by Tom Wiliams in UK in 1935. The company at first aimed to produce a three-wheeler delivery van that was produced by Raleigh. They started on it when the Raleigh company stopped. The three-wheel cars became hugely popular with its 750 cc V-twin engine and 3 speed gear box. However, reliant robin cars were not introduced until 1973. The car was popularly used in the television episodes aired by the BBC called ‘Only Fools and Horses’. The main characters drive a battered and sorry looking yellow reliant supervan. The success of the program prompted many people to order such cars. Who can forget the invincible Mr. Bean with his reliant robin car, a Regal Supervan III?

The design of the reliant cars and the concept of hybrid provided an inspiration to other car manufacturers. With the pressing need to contain fuel costs and protect the environment from further pollution, the need for hybrid cars have increased ten-fold. People welcomed the option of having a gasoline engine and an electric motor on their cars at the same time. The system of hybrid cars increases the fuel efficiency of the cars. The electric motor takes up the running of the car once the gasoline engine reaches a certain pre-determined speed. It also prevents harmful pollutants from mixing with the air, as there are fewer emissions. Besides that, hybrid cars like reliant are considerably lighter than conventional vehicles.

When Reliant Robin cars were first introduced, people were not ready to take it seriously, because it was a hybrid car. Soon people began to realize that it was not a joke and the idea began to gain great popularity. The concept of hybrid cars became so successful that many other manufactures later followed in the steps of Reliant. Even now, these cars are used with great reverence because of their simple technique and lack of complicated mechanisms. Not only do they look classic, they are highly trustworthy. Another attractive aspect of these cars is that they can be driven by anyone with a B1 category license, reliant robin cars can even be registered and taxed in the same way as a motorcycle. They are not very heavy either; they weigh less than 1000 lbs. The engine is in the front of the car where the single wheel is located. The car is manufactured in such a way that it provides a major relief for people who don’t have much money to spend on cars. This car provides huge savings compared to conventional cars.

These cars were constantly the butt of ridicule among British comedians. The famous comedian Jasper Carott loved to use Reliant cars for his jokes. The Trotter brothers in the show, ‘Only Fools and Horses’, drive the yellow van and it is always shown tipping over, crashing and falling. The same car causes Mr. Bean to get bumped out of his parking space by other cars. Because of this, these reliant robin cars hold a special place in the hearts of UK drivers.

The Robin name was so attractive that it was revived by Reliant in 1989 and a new kind of car was produced which looked cool. It had a fiberglass body and the engine power was tremendous. The car because of its fiberglass shell and unique shape was affectionately called the “Plastic Pig.” Within 10 years, the look of Reliant changed again and a final version was introduced. It was given a facelift with a new set of panels and to top off the look, they had Opel Corsa font lamps. The car came with a hatchback until the end of its production in February 2001. Reliant manufactured 65 cars, which later came to be known as Robin 65. The car featured leather trim, a numbered plaque and a walnut colored interior. The car was sold for approximately ten thousand pounds.

If you are planning to buy reliant robin cars, you can get information from websites, which sell them second hand. They offer you a good price and they are guaranteed to fulfill all your needs. Think about how much you will be helping to protect the environment by driving a Robin Reliant car.

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