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Play Poker For Fun - How to play poker for fun online

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Though poker has been around for decades, it has gained prominence around the world over the last few years. The tournaments are televised, the price pools are large, and the players are interesting. With that in mind, many people are looking for ways to play poker for fun. They see the games and want to get involved, but they are intimidated by the real cash aspect. It can be smart to play poker for fun in the beginning. From there, players can transition into cash games and real money tournaments. But how do these players get started with free poker card games?

Choosing a site
For those who want to play poker on line, choosing a site is the most important thing going. You may think that choosing a site is relatively unimportant if you are just trying to play poker for fun, but this is not true. A good site will provide players with a wide range of different games to play and enough formats to make it interesting. Likewise, you will want to choose a good site because you will probably want to upgrade from free hold em poker to the lucrative games at some point in your education. If you are already on a respected site, then this transition becomes much easier.

There are many sites that fit the bill as legitimate training grounds for new players. Two of the most popular are Pokerstars.net and Fulltiltpoker.net. Other options include 888.com and UltimateBet.net. These sites have gained some notoriety as they have sponsored a number of players in the major tournaments over the years. The cool thing about each of them is that players can download the software for free and create an account without ever spending a dime. From there, players can complete against each other and play poker for fun while they are learning the games.

Which sites spread the most games?
As you play poker for fun, you might find that some games suit your style more than others. Some players might like limit poker, while others like free no limit hold em poker. Some players might learn how to play Omaha and take to that game over the more popular free hold em poker games. This is why it’s important to find a site that spreads a number of great games and plenty of tables to choose from. Full Tilt and PokerStars have the largest number of players, which should make for more competition on the play money tables.

Navigating play money tables
Before you can ever get started playing for money, you will want to get your feet wet at the play money level. These sites offer play money options where you can learn about calling, checking, raising, and everything else that goes along with poker. Understand, however, that these tables tend to not play exactly like real money tables. Since the money is play and can be reloaded easily, many players make decisions that they wouldn’t make with their own money. Though this limits how much experience you can gain at these tables, you should not let that stop you from getting your feet yet. It can be a great experience when you play poker for fun, as you won’t have to worry about blowing through a bankroll.

Moving up to freeroll tournaments
One of the best ways to play poker for fun online is with freeroll tournaments. All of the major sites offer tournaments where they contribute money to a prize pot and let players duke it out for free. These are often geared toward new players, as well, so you will have a small field to contend with. This way, you can experience what it is like to play for money without having to invest your own cash. These tournaments run daily at many of the sites out there, so players will have a chance to play poker for fun at just about any hour of the day.

If you want to play poker for fun, start by picking a site that offers lot of options. This can be a great way to get going and gain some experience playing the poker game that you see the pros playing on television.

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