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Honeywell Hepa Filter - Honeywell HEPA humidifiers and filters: How do they work? What are the benefits?

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“HEPA” is an acronym for “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance”. The word “arrestance” reflects the stopping of particulates in the air which are best not to breathe in. A HEPA filter thus acts efficiently to remove over 99% of the particulates from a given air space. The particulates can be as small as 0.03 micrometers in diameter, which is of course microscopic in size. Most likely, many people are not aware that the first HEPA filter was developed t\o prevent the spread of radioactive particles through the air. It was during the Manhattan Project, the nuclear bomb development project, that the HEPA was designed, created, and tested for effectiveness in capturing particulates in the air. Since the years of the 40s and 50s, HEPA has become a generic term for any filter that captures micro-sized particles, thus cleaning the air. Today, hospitals, airports, and computer chip and assembly companies use HEPA filters. In recent years the use of HEPA filtration has expanded to homes, schools and offices. HEPA filters are more importantly required in places where there may be asbestos particles, lead dust or mold spores. Any of these things can have dangerous results to people’s health, so the cleaning of those particles.

The Honeywell HEPA filter works like all other such filters: it blocks and traps particles by three different ways. These ways are interception, impaction, and diffusion. The filter is made of a mesh of fiberglass fibers, arranged randomly and stacked with metal separators in a arrangement within a casing. There are several ways in which particulates are captured by Honeywell HEPA filters: by interception, impaction, or diffusion. These screening processes involve differing size particulates. The smallest particulates are trapped by diffusion, while the largest are trapped by impaction.
Air flows through the arrangement of meshed fiber panels, and as it does so, a fiber may may intercept a particle which comes in close proximity, trapping it from going any further. Larger particles may directly hit the fibers and thus be caught through impaction. Because the larger particle is thus lodged, it in turn may block smaller particles. Finally, the smallest particles may collide with gas molecules and be stuck, melding with the gas molecules and forming a larger obstacle that cannot continue to flow through the fibrous mesh.

Honeywell air purifier filters are recommended by doctors to alleviate allergy and asthma problems. Air inside a home can be far more loaded with harmful particles than the air outside. To remove dust, animal dander, bacteria, food odors and smoke, the best solution is a Honeywell Air Purifier with permanent HEPA filters. Honeywell filters can be purchased in packages of two or four. To give relief with sinusitis or with general respiration concerns, a Honeywell humidifier that can humidify one room or a whole house can be used. To prolong the primary filter of a Honeywell unit, there are pre-filters that trap larger particles as well as sequestering odors effectively. All Honeywell HEPA air filters, unless permanent, should be replaced every few weeks. There are even Vicks and Robutussin impregnated Honeywell humidifier filters, to keep medicated moist air in the environment. The Whole House Honeywell Air Purifiers and Humidifiers use replaceable filters as well. They last considerably longer than the filters used in the smaller portable room models.

With Honeywell HEPA air purifier filters and humidifier filters, the air in your home will be fresh, not loaded with pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, dust, minerals, or health destroying bacteria. Using Honeywell replacement humidifier, purifier with HEPA design is easy and smart. All you need do is decide how much area you need to address and order a unit today that will do the job. With the replaceable filters, all you need to be concerned with is replacing it regularly when it gets too full of the contaminants. The group, Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc., has taken the stance that a true HEPA filter system is the one best way to remove asthma and allergy provoking particles from large volumes of air in enclosed spaces. Studies have shown that Honeywell filters and humidifiers decrease the occurrence and level of symptoms of these afflictions. In areas where dust is hard to control, Honeywell air filters will wipe out the dust problem so much that you will not worry about it further.

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