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Minka Aire Ceiling Fan - Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Move Air Stylishly

minka aire fans minka aire fan

When the weather heats up, Mink Aire ceiling fans can cool things down. Form, function, and design are the keynotes of Minka Aire ceiling fans. Minka puts the best design and engineering into their ceiling fans, and have a reputation for providing the optimum air management fans. There are as many styles as there are decors within which to install them.

Minka makes fans under its own name as under the names of The Great Outdoors and George Kovacs. Under any name, the variety of sizes and styles as well as the consistent quality remains the same. From flush mount plain white finishes to nickel or bronze, the fans come in sizes up to 52”.
All Minka fans are low noise and very attractive. Some models include lighting. Some models have multi-fan units and there is even a retro model that is still offered by Minka. One outstanding artistic Minka ceiling fan is the Gauguin model, which has blades designed and shaped like tropical leaves. Gauguin would have loved it.

Minka Aire products can be categorized by style, theme, or body finish.Fans made by Minka include contemporary, traditional or classic, transitional, functional or thematic styles. Tuscan or Restoration are two of the themes that some of the fans embody. Finishes may be metallic such as bronze, nickel, chrome, iron or steel. Finishes of maple, walnut or mahogany are also popular. If a plain finish is desired, the finish may be white or brown in color.

The types of Minka Aire ceiling fans and the designs are wide ranging, from the Shangri La fan to the Downtown Loft fan. There are fans that have long drops from the ceiling, fans that have just three blades to fans that have four separate fan components. Minka Aire has ceiling hugger fans, as well as Flush Ceiling fans with light. Some fans have optional light attachments, and there are remote controllers available for operating the fans and the light attachments. Wall mount controls are provided if desired, and replacement fan blades can be ordered. There are even special adaptors for sloped ceiling installations.

For contemporary interiors, the best choices are the San Francisco Ceiling fan with light, with a design that incorporates triangular elements traversing the long metal shaft that drops from the ceiling. This fan, with a price of up to $549, is the epitome of Minka Aire quality. With the purchase of this fan, a Retro table top fan is included. In fact, with any purchase of over $300, the Retro Table Fan is included as a gift. The Retro Fan is a steel finish classic design that will move quite a bit of air in any room.

The most unusual fan is the Minka Gyro, with four 360 degree rotating fans. Minka’s Gyro fans have a price range from $600 to over $900. The higher price is justified by the uniqueness and power of the design. The fans span 42 inches and use either two or four separate fans arranged in a configuration to operate and move in a 360 degree area. These fans are designed for massive air movement in very large interior spaces. For a more modest budget the Minka Aire Contractor model ceiling fan is priced at just $111, and is stylish in a stainless steel finish or in colors to coordinate with room decor.

Minka Aire makes fans in such a variety of finishes and configurations that people of all tastes will find one suitable to their decor and cooling needs. With national distribution centers in both California and North Carolina, any Minka ceiling fan ordered can be delivered within three days anywhere in the U.S. On the newly created Minka Group web site, there is an “Ask Me” feature which allows customers to get answers to all their questions about the fans and the lighting attachments or other features, to get advice on the most appropriate model for an installation, or to find help with missing parts or changes in the model desired. The company allows you to do an advanced search to find the fan you want easily and quickly. All in all, Minka Aire ceiling fan company aims to please and has enjoyed a solid reputation for excellent cooling products.

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