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Phone Systems Small Business - Tips on small business phone systems

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Now that your business is booming, your phone line is jammed and your wife/receptionist is threatening to quite, you think you might need to read up on phone systems for a small business. That is a good idea.

As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, small businesses can purchase phone systems at reasonable prices. That is the good news. Increased technology has helped produce more options, brands, features and types of devices used in phone systems. That is the bad news. With so many choices it is hard to know where to begin. If you are in a jam and need to get a phone system for your small business up and running as soon as possible, then go straight to the source.

Find other small businesses in your area and ask the person who answers the phone questions about their system, what works and what doesn’t work, what features are missing, what features aren’t needed and any other questions you might have. If the person answering the phone doesn’t know the answers, kindly ask to speak to the person who does know. It sounds simple but it should give you an excellent point of reference.

Depending on results of your phone interview, go on line and do a key word search for phone systems and small business. Add the word review and you will find several. At this point you should be seeing some themes. If the brand name of a phone system comes up several times, carefully read the comments. Keep narrowing down your search until you have a list of 2-3 names to investigate.

At this point find the websites of the phone systems and go to their homepages. Read the technical information provided; get prices and a list of specific features. Check to see if a particular phone system model fits your small business needs without paying for extra costly gadgets you won’t use. Write down the phone number in case you have other questions.

If you think you found an ideal phone system for your small business, that is good. If you are still concerned about price or other obstacles, check out the possibility of using a virtual phone system. Using virtual phone systems for small business needs is a growing trend. Some virtual systems offer an internal intercom call transfer, conference calling, voice mail notification and other necessary features. An auto attendant handle calls during business hours and offers menu choices to customers. If you think a virtual system might be the answer to your phone system small business needs, start reading reviews. Quotes on pricing of virtual phone systems usually include the extra expensive of wiring and installation.

Small businesses can be unique and their phone systems often require specific features. Only you know what works best for your business. You can refer to trusted name brands and listen to other small business owners but it is up to you to choose the perfect match.

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