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Dog Bark Collars - Tips on anti dog barking collars

anti bark dog collar barking dog collar

Barking dogs have rescued families from burning houses but they’ve also caused families to get kicked out of rented houses. How does man’s best friend learn about appropriate barking? They need to be trained.

Dog barking collars are supposed to train dogs not to bark. Some dog owners claim that an anti bark dog collar is cruel while others point to different types of dog bark collars that are effective and more humane. Many dog lovers want to learn more about a barking dog collar and its effectiveness on keeping dogs from barking.

The purpose of your dog wearing a barking dog collar is to prevent the dog from barking at inappropriate times. There are three methods used by companies making dog bark collars. One method sends out an electric shock to stop barking. This static method appears to be the most effective in achieving results. Some pet owners object to the shock feature and claim it is inhumane. They claim the anti bark dog collar doesn’t always work correctly and sends shocks when the dog is not barking. Companies who make these collars say the shock collar can be adjusted.

Another method used in an anti bark dog collar is an ultrasonic sound feature. This product is designed with an ultrasound sensor activated by barking. The device then sends out a sound signal only the dog can hear within 25 yards of the device. Users say the device is more effective indoors than outdoors.

The third type of dog bark collars release a spray to discourage barking. When the dog barks, citronella sprays from the collar near the dog’s snout. The sound, smell and feel of the spray is supposed to keep dogs from barking through a trained response. Many dog owners claim this type of barking dog collar works when the dog is wearing it but they question the effectiveness as a training device. Many dogs continue with barking behaviors once the collar is removed.

Just like most products on the market there is a wide range of brands and prices in the anti bark dog collar market. As a responsible pet owner you should read information about the types of collars available, the features of the barking dog collars and do research on the products. Be sure to check with your veterinarian for a professional opinion on dog bark collars as a viable option for training your dog not to bark. Advertisers make claims that are difficult to analyze but professionals in the field can objectively access the effectiveness and consequences of products like a barking dog collar.

Once you have read the material and talked to an expert, if you are interested in finding a dog barking collar they are available on line at many sites. Type in a key word search and pages of brands and locations will surface.

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