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Rail Travel Europe - How to Manage Europe Rail Travel

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Traveling by rail in Europe is convenient and efficient. Trains are the preferred mode of travel for many residents and visitors. For those visiting Europe for the first time, the differences in the national rail systems among European countries is as foreign as any of the languages.

For the experienced traveler, Europe rail travel is manageable. With an extensive rail system scattered across the continent, most destinations are easily accessible by train. Larger towns have train stations while buses supplement connecting train travel in smaller towns. Long distance trains take passengers to many destination vacation spots. With the comfort of more room, a restaurant and a bunk it makes sense that so many people choose rail travel in Europe. Add stunning scenery and low costs to long train rides and it looks like a great deal.

Expect short commutes by train in urban areas to be crowded. Local residents rely on rail service for work, shopping and recreation. Seats are hard to come by during busy times. Trains cost less than taxis and other forms of transportation in the city. In addition, trains get you where you want to go on time while car travel is often congested in stalled traffic.

Although trains for Europe Rail Travel are plentiful across the continent, different geographic areas provide different levels of service. Train tickets are typically cheaper in southern Europe and pricier in the north. Slower trains charge less for the fare than the faster newer trains. Comparing Eastern to Western Europe rail travel, trains in the east are generally slower than and not as elegant as trains in the west.

Each country has its own system but all national railways have a few common rules. Some tickets sold cover travel throughout the continent or anywhere within a particular country. Rates vary by country, but more expensive high speed lines in France, Italy, Germany and Belgium run at 200mph. Most countries offer discount rates for students or senior citizens. Discounts also apply for advanced ticket sales or special event pricing. At many stations buying a ticket at the counter will be more expensive than a reservation. You should also realize that express trains in some countries require a reservation. With all the variations in rules, prices and extensive routes careful planning is recommended. Make sure you use the most recent information and maps. Talk to a person who has traveled the rails or lives in the area of interest. Adding to the options for Europe rail travel, there is a variety of types of passes to purchase. There is an Inter Rail pass, One Country Pass and a Global Pass to name a few. Check on line for details.

For those interested in traveling extensively throughout Europe, a package tour is a good way to see some of the smaller out of the way places where trains do not travel. Tours involve rail travel with bus shuttles included.

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