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Cheapest Rental Car - How to Get the Cheapest Rental Car - Try Online for a Cheap Rental Car

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It seems like hardly anyone travels anymore without getting a rental car at the destination. Some people are even using rental cars to get to the destination in order to save their own vehicles from the wear and tear. Prices for a rent-a-car are all over the board. They vary by company, by location, and by the type of car. Those unfamiliar with pricing usually pay whatever they are asked, but there are several steps that can be taken to assure yourself that you are getting the cheapest rental car.

Try Online for a Cheap Rental Car

The cheapest rental car can often be found by booking online. This will take some legwork simply because there are so many online avenues to take. The first place to check are online travel companies that aggregate prices from several different companies and present them in a format that makes it simple to compare. There is no one aggregate website that can be declared the best. Find one with a format that you like and stick with it.

Once you get a good idea from the aggregate websites, find a couple of the companies with the best prices and then check out the companies’ own websites. They often have specials and deals that can be found only through their websites. Each company will have its own specials, but be sure to check the website first because they will give the deeper discounts when compared to booking over the phone.

If you do not care what type of car you need to rent, a cheap rental car can be found on name-your-own-price websites like Hotwire and Priceline. These websites offer special rates at times when companies have a surplus of cars available. The catch is that you do not get to see what the lowest rates are and you do not get to choose which company the car comes from. People have been known, though, to get a deal accepted by offering as little as $15 or $20 per day.

Other Ways to Find the Cheapest Rental Car

One way to find some really great discounts on rental cars is look for local, privately-owned rental companies. This may require looking through a local yellow pages. Some of these companies are auto shops or towing companies that use the rental angle as just a side business to make a little extra cash here and there. Since it is not their bread-and-butter, and because they have less overhead than the big companies, they can offer some great rates. One thing to watch for, however, is limited mileage. Many of these local companies do not offer unlimited mileage like the bigger companies. Also, many times, these cars will be older models. They will run perfectly, with little chance of a breakdown because they have been properly maintained, they will just be a few years old. The bigger companies sell off their vehicles usually from one to three years after purchased.

Another way to find the cheapest car rentals is to do some searching away from the airport. Sometimes, branch offices located in the city are much cheaper than those at the airport. Many people report being able to pay for a taxi to the other location and still save a great deal of money.

To get a cheap rental car, timing can be a factor. There are peak date rates and off-peak rates. Holiday travel will usually cost more and weekend rates are less than weekday rates. Also, weekly rental rates will be less than daily rates. Sometimes you can save money by keeping a car for 7 days rather than only for 6 days, because the 6 daily charges will be more than the weekly rate.

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