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Domain Registration Web Site Hosting - How to Find the Best Domain Registration for Web Site Hosting - Considerations of Choosing a Domain Register Hosting Service

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When deciding on putting together your own personal or business website, two of the biggest concerns are domain hosting registration and finding a quality yet inexpensive web site hosting service. Before 1998, there was only one licensed registrar of domain names (synonymous with website name). Today, however, the business is wide open. Because a domain name is such a large part of the identity of a website, a reliable registrar should be a primary concern. If you do not have full control of your domain name, you may be forced to obtain a different name in the future, and this can be devastating to your existing online customers/visitors.

Because there are so many companies with which to register domain hosting, the choice has recently become a difficult one. Prices are all over the board and the specifics of the registration contract are always buried in fine print.

Considerations of Choosing a Domain Register Hosting Service

The first consideration in choosing a domain hosting registration is to find which top-level domains are available. Top-level domains are the part of the website name after the dot: com, net, org, gov, edu, us, and country-specific names. In the United States, .com, .net, .org, and .us are available for open registration and most domain name registrars will register any of these top-level domains. It becomes more complex when you require a .gov or .edu domain. These domains usually require a specialized registrar that will verify you are either a recognized government or educational institution.

After you know the top-level domain that you want, domain name registrars can be found through ads all over the internet and many people who own a website will be happy to give you a recommendation. A Norwegian website actually keeps track of all the registrars all over the world at www.norid.no/domreg.html. Many registrars are dedicated to the business, while others offer both domain registration and web site hosting.

To evaluate the domain registrars it is first necessary to determine if they are accredited. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit agency that has been charged with the responsibility for accrediting domain registrars that meet current stability and security levels expected on the internet today. Accreditation of registrars can be determined at the ICANN website (www.icann.org).

The next consideration for registering a domain name is the specifics of the contract. Once registered, your domain name is not necessarily yours forever. Many registrars have conditions on what types of sites are allowed. For instance, many do not allow pornography. Domain names can be revoked for not abiding by the contract. Some registrars do not allow transfers to another registrar. This forces you keep the same registrar. If you do not, they will lock the domain name so you cannot register it with another company. Some registrars will also lock a domain name in the case of monetary disputes. This forces you to pay them or they will lock your name. Even if you try to file a complaint or lawsuit, they can keep the name locked while the case is in litigation for years.

The final considerations are price, length of contract, and delay. Always be wary of any registrar offering domain names under regular market prices, such as $1.99 or $3 per year. There are almost always catches, and the discounted price is very rarely worth it. Registration is usually done for a period of one year. Some registrars allow multiple-year contracts for a discounted fee. Two years is usually the longest recommended length of contract. Delay is important because you want your website to be up as quickly as possible. If it is an existing website, you want it to stay available without a wait. The switch should be as seamless as possible.

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