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Homes For Sale Sacramento Ca - Shopping for Homes for Sale in Sacramento, CA - Central and eastern Sacramento, Southwestern homes for sale in Sacramento, CA

city park midtown california

Shopping for homes for sale in Sacramento, CA is a great adventure, but there are a few things home buyers will want to understand about the city before they begin their search. Sacramento is the seventh largest city in California, and it is the home to the state government in California. The city of Sacramento can be divided into four distinct sections, and each one of these sections has its own personality and features. Home buyers who are looking for Sacramento, California homes for sale will want to consider the benefits of each part of the city so they can decide where they want to focus their search efforts.

Central and eastern Sacramento

When it comes to looking for homes for sale, Sacramento is one of the most culturally diverse, so it is important to understand this fact before shopping for homes. One of the most culturally diverse parts of Sacramento is in the central part of the city, especially downtown and in the Midtown neighborhood. Midtown is full of upscale lofts and historic homes, so it is perfect for anyone. Lavender Heights, which is the city’s gay and lesbian district, is also located in the central part of the city, and it connects right into Midtown. Central Sacramento is also where the state capitol is located, along with the city’s main business district. Other popular neighborhoods in central and eastern Sacramento include Old Sacramento, which is the historic district, and Boulevard Park, which has a lot of older homes that have been well taken care of. The price of homes in central and eastern Sacramento ranges from $125,000 for an older condo to $300,000 for a single family home, and $600,000 for a new loft condo in Midtown.

Southwestern homes for sale in Sacramento, CA

The southwestern part of the city includes the Sacramento Zoo, a couple of theme parks, and plenty of single family homes. Some parts of the southwestern side are very high crime, specifically Meadowview, which is known for its high level of gang and drug violence. However, active neighborhood watch programs have done a lot to change the violence in the area. Homes in the southwestern side of the city range in price from $125,000 for a home in Meadowview, to $300,000 for a home in in other parts of the southwestern area.

Homes in southeastern Sacramento

In the southeastern part of the city, homes for sale in Sacramento, CA have the benefit of Tahoe Park, which is the centerpiece for the area. Tahoe Park is a 19-acre park which has a swimming pool, wading pool, playgrounds, barbecue areas, and sports fields. Homes in this part of the city average between $250,000 and $300,000.

Sacramento, California homes for sale north of American River

The fourth section of Sacramento falls north of the American River, and this area is largely newer neighborhoods. Home buyers who are looking for a newly constructed home should look in the Natomas area. Homes for sale in Sacramento, CA that are north of the river can range in price from $150,000 for a condo to $300,000.

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