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Free Ftp Web Hosting - Paid Hosting or Free FTP Web Hosting? - Why Paid Hosting is Better than Free Hosting FTP Servers

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Free web hosting FTP servers are not the most popular route to take when creating a website, but they are out there and deliver what they promise. The problem is that free services are extremely limited and usually will fill your website up with ads of their own, cluttering the pages and reducing your own revenue stream, if one is expected.

Why Paid Hosting is Better than Free Hosting FTP Servers

The biggest reason to go with a paid hosting service is because paid hosting will not put advertising all over your website. Advertising distracts from the main theme of the website and can turn people off to what you are trying to produce. It also reduces the possibility of putting your own advertising on the site in ways that are more aesthetic.

Paid web hosting also has better uptime rates. Uptime for any website should be at least 99.9% and in most cases, you will want 99.99%. Sites that have free hosting FTP servers often are not overly concerned about uptime. Even companies that offer both free and paid services are giving the bulk of their attention to their paid customers.

Paid hosting also has better customer service than free hosting. Most paid hosting has online and phone service to help if there should be a problem in getting your website off the ground. Most companies offering free hosting will have absolutely zero customer service. They are not going to give you a phone number, and you will be lucky to find an email address. Even if you do find an email address, getting someone to answer you email is whole other story.

Another reason to go with a paid hosting instead of using free hosting FTP servers is that you can choose your own domain name. Free hosting works by offering only subdomains. This means that your website name is just tacked onto the front of another website name. For instance, the root website could be called freedomhostftp but you want your website to be called BrendasWebsite. On the free hosting site, your website name would have to be BrendasWebsite.freedomhostftp.

Low-cost Hosting Servers over Free Web Hosting FTP Servers

There is no reason why anyone should need the services of a company with free hosting FTP servers. Free servers are simply much too limited. First of all, a free server will give you only 100 to 500 MBs of space. The free FTP web sites will also only give you a limited amount of bandwidth. This means only so many people can view or interact with the website before it is shut down for the rest of the month.

The reason why no one should have to suffer with all these detriments to having a free website is because discount web hosting is so inexpensive now. For only $2.99, $3.99, or $4.99 per month, some web hosts are prepared to give their customers full and unlimited service. FTP file transfers will be available and there is never a worry about running out of bandwidth or file space. In addition, with a discount web host there will be no advertising forced onto you. Any ads on your site will be completely of your own choosing.

Another benefit of avoiding free web hosting FTP servers is that you will be able to choose your own domain name without it having to be a subdomain. The only problem, however, is that you will need to register the name with an accredited registrar. Sometimes this is the same company as the web host, and some give you a free domain name with the hosting package. Other hosts will require an extra yearly fee for registration, but it is usually only $10 to $20.

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