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Home Cd Player - Choosing the Right Home CD Player - CD changers, Mini audio systems, Universal players

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Although digital audio has taken the music world by storm, CD players are still very much in use, and choosing the right home CD player can be a big job. Home CD players can be as simple as a mini audio system that is relatively easy to move, to a complicated CD changer that requires wiring and careful planning. Choosing the right home CD player is simply a matter of figuring out your priorities. It also helps to know which brands tend to be better than others and the expected prices of these machines.

CD changers

Probably the most popular type of home CD player is the CD changer. This type of system often has places for five or more CDs, even up to 24 discs. This type of home CD player is extremely popular because it allows users to set up hours of music to play continuously without them having to get up and change the CD. This type of home CD player is typically wired into a much larger audio sound system, and it is not very mobile. However, it is perfect for someone who just wants to hook up a home audio CD player and leave it for their use whenever they want it. There is even a 25-disc jukebox for music lovers who really want to load up a lot of CDs. A CD changer can range in price from $100 for the very low end ones up to $2,000 for the very high end systems from brand names like Bose or JVC. However, the majority of CD changers will cost about $250 to $400. Audio experts generally prefer Yamaha or Bose when it comes to a brand for quality CD changers.

Mini audio systems

Another popular type of home CD player is the mini audio system. These systems are a bit easier to move because they are smaller and require very little hook-up. These systems typically come with their own speakers, and they are perfect for college students who will often be packing them up to take with them. Some of these mini audio systems even come in a CD changer variety that may hold up to five CDs. Mini audio systems typically cost $200 to $300, depending on the brand name and features of each one. Experts recommend Pioneer brand mini audio systems for their high level of quality.

Universal players

Music lovers who want a machine to play their CDs but do not want to have several different machines that do different things will probably want to look for a universal player. Universal players usually play Blu-ray discs and CDs, in addition to some other types of discs. One of the top brands for universal players is actually a relatively unknown name. Experts say Oppo makes the best universal players. A universal player can range in price from $500 to $1,000, depending on how many different types of discs it plays and the quality of the audio and picture. .

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