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Distance Education Masters - Receiving Your Masters Degree through Distance Education

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For many, both the time and travel makes continuing education expensive and impractical. For others, the largest motive behind distance learning has been social. Over time, individuals, businesses, institutions, and other organizations have continually sought an alternate means of higher education in dealing with lifestyles and challenging demands of the societies in which they live. If this is the case, one may want to investigate education through distance learning. Distance learning allows one who is separated from the instructor by physical distance and/or time to make use of technology such as video, the internet, CD’s, tapes and other forms of technology to accomplish learning.

There are many accredited programs for receiving your masters degree through distance education. Many colleges and universities are now providing full master degree programs through online study.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the most promising jobs in the next four years look to be those that require an MBA. A masters program gives one a competitive advantage in a chosen field of study.

Masters degrees from major universities can be achieved in most areas from Education, Psychology, Computer Science, to Health Sciences and many more. Universities offer classes which make use of video and audio technologies to communicate effectively the information necessary. Coursework and assignments are turned in online with a range of flexibility, making it easy to studies into a busy schedule. Study and take exams at your leisure within a specified time frame.

Many smaller colleges and universities now offer distance learning programs now, as well, although not always for post-graduate work. Another option for distance learners wanting a masters degree is to try an accredited online university. Such universities offer online masters degrees in fields such as education, psychology, nursing, counseling, and many others.

In choosing an online university, it is important to make sure a university is accredited, so that one can be assured of having the same educational outcomes as he or she would in a traditional classroom. College accreditation is a guarantee that a school, college, or program meets certain requirements and provides quality education. College accreditation entitles one to the same basic rights as all other college students, such as admissions, registration, orientation, counseling, tutoring, placement, financial aid, and other student services. If one wishes to transfer credits from one school to another, accreditation is necessary.

There are two organizations in the United States that recognize accrediting agencies, giving them validation. These are the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). College accreditation in Canada is provided by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

The U.S. Department of Education and CHEA recognizes a number of accrediting agencies, which tend to credit schools in specific states. It is good to check with these organizations to see if a college is accredited before enrolling in a specified program. Some online schools specifically offer masters distance learning programs in certain programs of study. For instance, a school could specialize in psychology or education.

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